Hottest Wedding Destinations 2017

Date Added: January 10, 2017

Hottest Wedding Destinations 2017


Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay has a well-earned reputation for its unspoilt beaches, beautiful natural landscape and laidback charm, making it one of the best destinations in the world to hold a beautiful, outdoor wedding. Have your wedding ceremony on a pristine beach and then stroll over the sand dunes to your reception venue. Barefoot at Broken Head organise sophisticated beach weddings in the area. Or choose a venue in the hinterland region, where your guests will be blown away by the amazing scenery. Horizon is the ultimate space if you want a vintage style country wedding surrounded by nature. 

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Yarra Valley, Victoria 

If you’re looking for a destination that has old-world style and also gives you the opportunity to have a fun countryside wedding, then consider the Yarra Valley. The region is home to world-class vineyards, wineries and restaurants and it’s only an hour outside of Melbourne. There are so many venues to choose from, but Stones is a favourite. With beautiful rustic spaces at your disposal including a perfectly restored chapel, it’s the perfect backdrop for a glamourous vintage wedding. There are plenty of options for different ceremony and reception venues in the area so the wedding planning process will be a breeze, and there’s so much to do that you know your guests will be entertained for days.  

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Kangaroo Island, South Australia 

There’s something about an island wedding that feels especially intimate and romantic. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you cannot do better than Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. The island has become a wedding hotspot because it offers one of the most unique, remote and exclusive wedding venues in the world. It’s home to a huge range of native wildlife, immaculate beaches and natural beauty so your wedding photos are guaranteed to be stunning. The luxury Southern Ocean Lodge will give you the perfect venue, and you can spend your honeymoon wandering the local area and getting swept up in the beauty of the place.  

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Wanaka, New Zealand 

Everyone knows that New Zealand has some of the most magnificent scenery in the world, so why not capitalise on those views for your special day? Picture getting married on a mountain peak, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It makes for a stunning wedding setting, and a wedding in Wanaka on the South Island can make this ideal backdrop a reality. Wedding planners like Boutique Weddings New Zealand offer customisable packages that will give you a truly beautiful, unique and exciting experience. They’ll even include helicopter rides to ensure you have the most incredible wedding photos. Plus, if you’re dreaming of getting married overseas but don’t want to lose a day travelling, New Zealand is your perfect international destination. 

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Ubud, Bali 

Forget about the tourist hotspots and you’ll discover some of the hottest wedding destinations in the world in Bali. In Ubud, you’ll find the boutique Bambu Indah hotel which offers a truly unique and unforgettable tropical location for your wedding. Surrounded by lush rainforest, you can get married on a beautiful stone walkway in the middle of a river. Or try Kamandalu Resort (also in Ubud) where you can opt for a more traditional Balinese Royal Wedding package, and have a wedding experience steeped in the local culture. As an extra bonus, Bali is still one of the most affordable wedding destinations, so you can afford to stay and honeymoon for longer. 


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Dubrovnik, Croatia

If your dream wedding involves a fairy-tale style medieval city, Mediterranean sunsets and glorious ocean views then Dubrovnik, Croatia is the perfect wedding destination for you. Set on the Adriatic Sea, with a historical Old City that looks like the set of a Disney movie (complete with marble streets and 16th century walls) Dubrovnik is the ultimate romantic destination. For a venue, you can’t beat the Grand Villa Argentina, a five-star hotel with some of the best sunset views you’ll find anywhere.  Wedding planners like Do You Wed Me cater especially for international destination weddings and offer wedding packages look after every last detail for you, making the planning process almost too easy. 

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County Clare, Ireland 

There’s something magical about Ireland, with its lush green forests, rolling fields and friendly locals everywhere you go. So why not make your wedding extra magical and have it in an Irish castle? Ireland is dotted with old manor houses and castles that are some of the most impressive and luxurious wedding destinations in the world. Dromoland Castle in County Clare is an ideal choice, with walled gardens, manicured lawns and sumptuous indoor spaces you’ll feel like a royal. The castle also operates as a hotel so you and your guests can stay for the night and have a wedding reception party that lives up to the finest Irish traditions. 

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Tuscany, Italy

Dreamy villas, endless sunshine and some of the best food and wine in the world make Tuscany one of the ultimate wedding destinations. Set in central Italy, Tuscany is a region known for its beautiful scenery and architecture as well as its relaxed and friendly local culture. There are a huge range of beautiful hotels and villas that would make the perfect backdrop for a rustic, stylish and romantic wedding. If you need some assistance planning the finer details, Weddings in Tuscany can help. They offer tailored services and packages that will make your wedding look exactly how you always imagined it.  

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Fun, bright and endlessly fascinating, Mexico makes for an incredible wedding destination. Instead of the ever-popular beach wedding, the latest hot destination for a Mexican wedding is in San Miguel de Allende. It’s a city known and loved for its colourful Spanish-era architecture and bustling arts and culture scene. Get married in one of the many truly stunning churches, or in a gorgeous traditional hotel like the Antigua Villa Santa Monica. If you’re in need of a local wedding planner, San Miguel Weddings is your best bet, they’ll look after everything for you so your day is picture perfect. 

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Nevada, USA

Lots of people get married in Las Vegas, but if your style is a little less about flashing neon lights and more about stunning natural beauty just head out to the surrounding desert for one of the prettiest, and most unique wedding destinations imaginable. You can find wedding planners who specialise in organising the perfect desert wedding for you, like Las Vegas Luv Bug who plan weddings in the incredible Valley of Fire. Your guests will love the adventure element and everyone can still party on for days in nearby Las Vegas.  

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Merry Christmas from the Moi Moi Family to Your Family!

Date Added: December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Moi Moi Family to Your Family!

Christmas is just around the corner can you believe it?! Neither can we! But we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months has in store for us. 

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It offers us all a chance to get back to what matters most: family. 

As many of our long term clients already know, Moi Moi is a family owned and operated business. We take great pride in the fact that our business is a family affair. In fact, we use that as motivation to handle our business professionally but with a friendly approach. This Christmas, we’re proud to offer special discounts on cleanings and more, but what we’re most proud of is being called your go-to jewelry store in Sydney. 

t's been so wonderful seeing the same customers throughout the years for all their special occasions. From their engagement rings, to wedding rings, anniversary presents, maternity gifts and birthday gifts.

 We look forward to seeing you in 2017, and we truly hope that your family has an amazing Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

From Stephen, Mary, Lauren, Alana, Janet, Lorraine, Marble, Gio, Aggie and all of us at Moi Moi -
Merry Christmas! 


Moi Moi Introducing Exciting New Bridal Ring Collection & More

Date Added: December 20, 2016

Moi Moi Introducing Exciting New Bridal Ring Collection & More

From dazzling to minimalist, the Moi Moi Bridal collection has something for everyone. For the past twenty years, we have made it our mission to dig in deep to find out what brides are looking for. 

Every year we take time to study bridal trends and innovative cuts and jewels coming out of the jewelry industry, and this year we’re proud to announce an eclectic collection of striking bridal rings.

 We’ve always been at the forefront of bridal jewelry, and as pioneers of moissanite jewelry, we are always excited to bring unique rings and jewelry to our customers. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from our New Release Bridal Collection for 2017. 


Large Center Stones 

A flair for the dramatic is the name of the day with our new set of bridal rings. Our collection this year breathes new life into our selection of bridal rings. Our focus was to deliver elegant, yet stunning rings that showcase a center stone. You’ll notice this is a consistent theme with our recent additions. 


 Sparkling Bands 

While some of our new bridal rings have plain bands, the vast majority have sparkling bands full of jewels that capture light and attention. A few of our pieces have diamond encrusted bands, while others perfectly balance out a stunning center stone with a few well-placed accent jewels. The result is an excellent collection of breathtaking bridal rings. 


Customized Designs 

We also offer complete customization for brides who simply want a design all their own. Our customized designs are tailored to our customer’s unique tastes and are delivered with our hallmark craftsmanship. 

Comprehensive Videos 

We understand how important it is for brides to visually experience designs before they commit to coming to our store, which is why we are now offering videos of each of our styles. 

Each video will display the striking qualities of our incredible collection while worn. Our hope is to showcase our styles in a way that helps you picture yourself wearing them.


Explore our Collection! 

Experience our new releases first hand by visiting our new release category. You might find something you fall in love with, and if you do, we warmly invite you to come visit us in person!

Top 12 Engagement Rings of the Past 12 years

Date Added: December 1, 2016

Top 12 Engagement Rings of the Past 12 years 


We’re throwing a birthday party, and it’s for ourselves! Moi Moi was launched in December of 2004, so it’s our 12th birthday! 

In celebration of our birthday, we want take a stroll down memory lane. Here’s a look back at the various ring designs of the past 12 years starting with our one carat designs gradually increasing throughout the years to our two and three carat designs. 


 2005: One Carat Solitaire Ring 

In 2005 it all started with our “Audrey” ring. The 6-prong knife edge band, crafted in 18K white gold with a one carat Moissanite is a classic and timeless design. The solitaire ring was immediately popular and continues to be a customer favourite to this day. 



Moimoi ring AUDREY 6.5


2006: One Carat with Side Stones

The following year in 2006, we noticed a shift towards side stones. We launched the stunning “Isabelle” ring which had the classic 6-prong centre setting holding a one carat, but with a half band pave set with gorgeous Moissanite side stones. The classic design added with a bit of bling in this striking ring makes for the perfect engagement ring even today. Side stones took off that year, and so did this ring. 




2007: Wide Bands 

In 2007, wide bands became popular. From customer requests, we developed a gorgeous collection of wide band rings for both men and women. Our most popular was the “Lauren” ring, we named after our very own co-founder of Moi Moi. We still carry a few select styles of wide bands to this day. 


MOIMOI RING Lauren 6.0



2008: Trilogy Rings

In 2008, Trilogy rings came onto the scene and we embraced the trend with open arms. Customers liked the ‘past, present and future’ symbolism of a trilogy ring and our best seller was the “Kiara” ring in white or yellow gold. It made for the perfect engagement or dress ring in 2008. 



2009: Back to Classic Designs 

In 2009, customer’s tastes went back to classic designs. Our “Brynn” engagement ring in white gold had a double four-prong setting with channel set diamonds on either side of the center stone. The round centre stone was a one carat Moissanite while the accent diamonds totaled 0.16tcw. Simple, unique but beautiful, this back to classic design was one of our favourites, and continues to be today. 




2010: Brides Started Opting for Larger Centre Stones 

Brides in 2010 wanted rings that were larger and more striking than ever before. The “Audrey” style ring with a six prong knife edge band, popular back in 2005, was hugely popular again this year but just with a much bigger stone. As our best seller, it featured a 1.50ctRound Moissanite centre stone. Brides who wanted that wow factor really fell in love with this style ring. 




2011: 4-prongs, With Fine Bands Were In!

In 2011, the “Lyla” ring was all the rage. The four-prong ring gave a round ring a squared or cushion cut look, whilst still maintaining the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. The ring came with a fine band that fit well with a more contemporary look. The u-prong set band set off a 1.50ct round brilliant Moissanite stone in the middle. Brides fell in love with the elegant and simplistic look. 




2012: Halo designs Became Popular 

2012 rolled around with threats of the end of the world, but our “Simona” ring made that year much sweeter. The halo style makes a ring look overall larger and this design came with a pave set band and the result was absolutely stunning. Brides were enchanted with the stunning royal look of the ”Simona” ring making it our best seller of 2012. 




2013: Rose Gold and Vintage Everything Was On Trend

In the year after the world was supposed to end, 2013, rose gold and vintage everything started becoming incredibly popular. Ladies who wanted something super unique, something no other bride had, started coming to us for our rose gold rings and jewelry. This is the year the unique “Evangeline” ring, with it’s filigree and milgrain detail, was our most asked about, most tried on, and most sold ring. We loved the trend as much as they did!




2014: Really Large Centre Stones

2014 was the year that ladies supercharged their ring stone size. The gorgeous style coincided with the chunky jewelry trend, as well as brides becoming more confident to wear big stones after seeing it on their favourite celebrity or Kardashian sister. Our “Debbie” ring became our most popular ring this year with a statement 2.65ct centre Moissanite and side tapered baguettes. 



2015: Cushion Cut Halo Design Trend 

Halo’s are still in fashion, this year with the cushion cut halo design. The cushion cut surrounded by a halo of smaller stones creates a soft and elegant design. This striking design certainly dazzled and amazed brides and celebrities around the world. Our customer’s favourite was the “Celeste” ring, with an incredible double halo feature. 





2016: Halo Rings with Fine Bands

This past year has been all about halo rings once again, but with one simple twist—fine bands. Quaint, beautiful and simplistic, our “Adriana” ring has been extremely popular this year and led to many happy brides. 

We can’t wait to see what designs and trends 2017 throws our way, and here’s to many more happy years!



Revamp Your Jewellery for the Holiday Season

Date Added: November 29, 2016

Revamp Your Jewellery for the Holiday Season


At Moi Moi, we absolutely love the holiday season, and we love taking care of our amazing customers. That’s why this Holiday season we’re cooking up something very special for you!

This year we’re offering you a chance to make your jewellery truly sparkle no matter the occasion. Whether you’ve got Christmas parties to attend or are going away on holidays, our special offer is sure to have you singing jingle all the way.



Our Christmas Offer 


For just $25 we will provide Rhodium Plating & Polishing on your Moi Moi jewellery. Make your rings look like they did the moment you brought them home from the jewellery store. All you have to do is visit our store or send in all the items you want polished to us for a full service cleaning. 

Each $25 cleaning service includes: 

- Checking the security of stones
- Checking the setting
- Cleaning dirt, oil and grime away
- Re-polish scratches from the surface
- Rhodium Plating & Polishing for a lustrous finish

We’re offering this amazing service for the low price of $25, typically a $50 service for Moi Moi Rings and $70 for any other jewellery item. This offer is good now until Christmas Eve, so you have to act fast! Bracelets and Men’s rings may incur a higher charge, and we do recommend you allow 1 full business day for a complete and thorough cleaning. 




Why Jewellery Maintenance is Important 


When it comes to your wedding rings and other frequently worn items, dirt and grime can easily get stuck in the setting. Obviously, no one wants to know they are walking around with a dirty ring or necklace full of grime and who knows what else. After all, you’ve spent a pretty penny on your jewellery, you definitely want to take good care of it. 

Besides hygienic reasons, having your ring inspected during your cleaning can also prevent you from losing stones due to worn down or damaged prongs if they need repair. 



Visit the QVB Christmas Tree 


If you decide to come in to the Moi Moi store at QVB, you can visit the absolutely breathtaking QVB Christmas Tree. This sparkling jewel stands some 24 metres and spans three separate floors. In fact, it’s Sydney’s tallest indoor Christmas tree.

Let over 82,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals and 65,000 twinkling lights enchant you and your family while Moi Moi takes care of your jewellery. Walk under the tree and then climb all three floors to the top to experience every inch of the tree. It’s a truly incredible experience you can only get once a year. 

We hope you come and take advantage of this amazing Christmas cleaning special this year, and bring the whole family to take in the sights of the gorgeous QVB Christmas tree. Merry Christmas from Moi Moi!


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