What does Moi Moi stand for?

Moi Moi means “little sister” in Cantonese. Lauren came up with this name when beginning the business partnership with her little sister, Alana. 

Moi Moi is proudly a family-run business.

There’s more meanings to the name as well:
‘Moi’ is incorporated in our signature jewel, Moissanite, which is The Most Brilliant Jewel in the WorldTM.

In French, Moi Moi means ‘me, me’ which reflects jewellery not only being bought as gifts of love, but for self-enjoyment.

‘Moi’ also means ‘Hello!’ in Finnish, as we welcome you into our store or our website.

Moi Moi also stands for jewellery of quality, beauty, style and value like no other jewellery, as discovered by many of our customers who keep coming back for more.