Why You Should Choose Moissanite?

Looking for more reasons to choose Moissanite? Here are 10...

1. Big, Bold and Brilliant Look
You want the big, bold and brilliant gemstones in your jewellery. 
2. Value
You are looking for value in your jewellery.
3. Beauty
You want a beautiful jewel in a beautiful design.

4. Socially Responsible
You are seeking socially responsible jewels of high quality.

5. Heirloom Quality
You want jewellery to last, Moissanite jewellery will last for generations.

6. More Compliments
You make a statement when you wear Moissanite rings due to its brilliance and size. 

7. Everyday Wear
You want jewellery that you can enjoy and wear every day.

8. Conflict Free
You want jewellery that is conflict free. Wear it without guilt and associated issues of mining in war-torn countries, using child labour and war funding.

9. Variety of Cuts and Sizes
You can choose Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, Cushion, Oval, Marquise, Emerald, Radiant, Pear, Trillion, Heart and Asscher.

10. Practical Choice for Starting Out a Married Life
Engagements are only the beginning of your expenses. With the savings, you can spend more on your wedding, more on your honeymoon, or to put towards your home. Whichever way you want to spend your savings, you are given a head start than those who choose a diamond.