Fascinating History

Moissanite has a fascinating history.

Moissanite can trace its origins to particles derived from a meteorite which crashed into the Arizona desert fifty thousand years ago. 

Samples from the Canyon Diablo meteor crater are given to French scientist Dr.Henri Moissan for examination in 1893. The small geological sample contains crystals with extraordinary sparkle that Dr. Moissan determines are a new mineral, silicon carbide.

More than a decade later, gem expert and former vice president of Tiffany & Company, George Frederick Kunz, recommends honouring the discovery by having it named after Dr.Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan...Moissanite!

It was not until the late 1990’s that Moissanite was introduced into the market, carving out a niche in the fine jewellery category.

Moi Moi introduced Moissanite to the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2004 and has since shared the joy of Moissanite with the many people.

           Dr Henri Moissan