Forever One from Charles and Colvard

Forever One is the epitome of created Moissanite, introduced by Charles and Colvard in 2015.




Q. What is Forever OneTM Moissanite? 

Forever OneTM is the new white Moissanite created by Charles and Colvard USA. It has the same superior qualities of brilliance, fire and lustre, which Moissanite is known for. The only difference is the colour, which now falls in a colourless range. 

Q. Can I choose a D colour over an F colour in the Forever OneTM Moissanite, considering that D is the whitest?

No. Although Forever OneTM Moissanite is colourless, they are not separated into D, E, or F colours. 

Q. Does Forever OneTM Moissanite have a warranty? 

Forever OneTM Moissanite has a Limited Lifetime Warranty as all other Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® gemstones for maintaining their optical property of brilliance. 

Q. What are the cuts and sizes available in Forever OneTM Moissanite? 

Forever OneTM Moissanite is only available in limited shapes and sizes: 

Round Brilliant                  Square Brilliant                   Cushion  Oval

2.5mm - 12.0mm                 4.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm          4.0mm - 10.0mm      7mmx5mm, 8mmx6mm, 9mmx7mm