Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is the most brilliant jewel in the world. It has more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other gemstone.

Q. Do people buy Moissanite for engagement rings?

Yes! Due to Moissanite’s beauty, durability, value, and brilliance that lasts forever, it is very popular for engagement rings.

Q. Is Moissanite graded with the Four C’s?

While it looks like diamond, Moissanite is a different jewel than diamond with a different chemical composition. As such, Moissanite is not graded using the diamond grading system.

Q. What colour is SUPERNOVA Moissanite?

Moissanite is not graded like diamonds, however our SUPERNOVA is classified in the colourless range.  Having said that, in certain light condition it can show a tinge of yellow, just like other colourless Moissanite in the market.

Q. What clarity is SUPERNOVA Moissanite?

Moissanite is not graded like diamonds, however our SUPERNOVA would be equivalent to a VS-VVS clarity range, very high in clarity and all being eye-clean stones.  

Q. Is Moissanite a diamond imitation or simulant?

NO! Diamond simulants or imitations are Cubic Zirconia, which are commonly called CZ. CZ can be distinguished easily as it is glass-like and has a "transparent" look about it, which will go cloudy over time. Moissanite is a jewel in its own right with its own unique properties.

Q. Is Moissanite Synthetic?

Technically, synthetic means when something is made by synthesis.  That it is created.  So yes, Moissanite is synthetic.  HOWEVER, consumers sometimes equate this to mean that the jewels contents are synthetic.  Like synthetic clothing.  So we don’t like to say “Synthetic”, we prefer to say “created with a natural mineral”.

Q. Does SUPERNOVA Moissanite come with a warranty?

No.  Moissanite will never lose its brilliance or fire as it has been proven over 20 years. We feel a warranty is redundant, and therefore have decided to just give a Certificate of Authenticity with every SUPERNOVA purchase that is 5.0mm or 0.50ct and above.

Q. Can Moissanite break or scratch?

While Moissanite and diamond jewellery is extremely hard, durable, and resistant to abrasion and chipping, like all other gemstones, they are not indestructible. Care for your Moissanite jewellery just as you would other fine jewellery, taking precautions not to wear rings and bracelets when doing rough work.

Q: Does Moissanite become cloudy like CZ (cubic zirconia)?

No. CZ or zirconium oxide is unstable at room temperature and because of its instability it has a tendency to change its appearance and colour over a short time. CZ is also porous and once it is filled with cosmetics, lotion, perfume or dirt it will become cloudy, and its cloudiness is irreversible. Moissanite will never become cloudy.

Q. Does Moissanite ever lose its brilliance, go cloudy or change appearance?

No, because Moissanite is made from a natural mineral, it will maintain its appearance forever.

Q: How is Moissanite made?

Single-crystal Moissanite is created through a patented thermal growing process, the specifics of which are proprietary. Made from the natural mineral Silicon Carbide, the process is very difficult and expensive, thus preventing mass production.