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  1. Acacia emerald cut Emerald trilogy ring
    Price: $3,120
  2. Alyssa Emerald drop earrings with Moissanite
    Price: $2,120
  3. Alyssa Ruby drop earrings with Moissanite
    Price: $2,120
  4. Azalea created Padparadscha Sapphire Ring
    Price: $2,450
  5. Bluebell I blue sapphire trilogy ring
    Bluebell I
    Price: $2,450
  6. Bluebell II blue sapphire trilogy engagement ring
    Bluebell II
    Price: $3,120
  7. Daisy blue sapphire and moissanite cluster ring
    Price: $2,780
  8. Hibiscus Sapphire and moissanite ring
    Price: $2,160
  9. Ivy emerald chandelier drop earrings
    Price: $4,680
  10. Jacaranda A Sapphire and Moissanite Necklace
    Jacaranda A
    Price: $10,500
  11. Jacaranda A & B Sapphire pear shape Necklace
    Jacaranda A & B
    Price: $17,150
  12. Jacaranda B Sapphire pear shape Pendant
    Jacaranda B
    Price: $6,650
  13. Lucie cushion Aquamarine ring
    Lucie AQ
    Price: $1,830
  14. Raven Aquamarine and Moissanite engagement ring
    Raven AQ
    Price: $2,380
  15. Renata
    Price: $3,880
  16. Sybella Aquamarine pave set band and halo engagement ring
    Sybella AQ
    Price: $2,200
  17. Custom Design
    Custom Design
    Price: $150

Stunning Sapphire, Emerald & Ruby Rings

Deeply vivid and brilliantly eye catching, coloured gemstones are the perfect option for those who want a ring with a difference.

Some of the most popular gems include:


A variety of the mineral beryl, emerald is characterized by its brilliant green hue. Like most precious stones, emeralds are graded and priced based on cut and clarity; ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, the most sought-after stones are those that are a vivid green. Emerald rings are a stunning option for those in search of an engagement ring with a difference.


Varying from pink to blood-red in colour, rubies are very popular gemstones and feature in both vintage and modern jewellery pieces. A variation of the mineral corundum, the red hue is caused by the presence of the mineral chromium. Bright, blood-red rubies are the most sought-after and therefore the most expensive. 


Blue in colour, sapphires are another variety of the mineral corundum. They can vary in terms of colour saturation and tone, and are evaluated based on their primary colour (blue). While typically considered to be a ‘non-traditional’ stone for engagement rings, sapphires have increased in popularity thanks to celebrities – Kate Middleton received a sapphire engagement ring from Prince William!


Moi Moi’s collection of created sapphires, rubies and emeralds are identical to their mined counterparts, but at a fraction of the price.


A blue variety of beryl, aquamarine varies in tone and colour saturation – however, it is generally a very pale, transparent blue in comparison to sapphire. Perfect for those who want a softer, pared-back look, this gemstone is a truly stunning engagement ring option. 

Moi Moi’s collection of created sapphires, rubies and emeralds are identical to their mined counterparts, but at a fraction of the price. 

If you’re a lover of gemstones, then you’re sure to be impressed by the range on offer at Moi Moi Fine Jewellery. We can create aquamarine, ruby, emerald and sapphire rings to suit your personal taste – and we offer both created and natural gems to suit differing budgets.

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