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  1. Abby A
    Abby A
    Price: $2,830
  2. Ada A
    Ada A
    Price: $1,320
  3. Adeline A
    Adeline A
    Price: $2,050
  4. Adriana A
    Adriana A
    Price: $1,210
  5. Alaina A
    Alaina A
    Price: $1,470
  6. Alexia A
    Alexia A
    Price: $1,880
  7. Ali A
    Ali A
    Price: $1,870
  8. Amaya A
    Amaya A
    Price: $1,020
  9. Anya A
    Anya A
    Price: $1,720
  10. Aurora A
    Aurora A
    Price: $2,490
  11. Baylee A
    Baylee A
    Price: $1,430
  12. Bethany A
    Bethany A
    Price: $1,950
  13. Brenna A
    Brenna A
    Price: $1,610
  14. Brooklyn A
    Brooklyn A
    Price: $2,690
  15. Brynn A
    Brynn A
    Price: $1,650
  16. Dylan A
    Dylan A
    Price: $2,380
  17. Eliana A
    Eliana A
    Price: $1,410
  18. Elsa A
    Elsa A
    Price: $2,080
  19. Estelle A
    Estelle A
    Price: $1,970
  20. Evangeline A
    Evangeline A
    Price: $1,180
  21. Flora A
    Flora A
    Price: $1,160
  22. Frankie A
    Frankie A
    Price: $1,360
  23. Frieda A
    Frieda A
    Price: $1,590
  24. Genesis A
    Genesis A
    Price: $1,920
  25. Ginger A
    Ginger A
    Price: $1,090
  26. Grace A
    Grace A
    Price: $1,210
  27. Gracie A
    Gracie A
    Price: $1,510
  28. Hannah A
    Hannah A
    Price: $2,990
  29. Harlow A
    Harlow A
    Price: $1,980
  30. Hayley A
    Hayley A
    Price: $1,440
  31. Holly A
    Holly A
    Price: $1,130
  32. Holly A Curved
    Holly A Curved
    Price: $1,130
  33. Hunter A
    Hunter A
    Price: $950
  34. Isla A
    Isla A
    Price: $1,330
  35. Ivy A
    Ivy A
    Price: $1,100
  36. Jana A
    Jana A
    Price: $1,790
  37. Jeannie A
    Jeannie A
    Price: $1,800
  38. Jenna A
    Jenna A
    Price: $1,230
  39. Jocelyn A
    Jocelyn A
    Price: $950
  40. Jordyn A
    Jordyn A
    Price: $2,570
  41. Journey A
    Journey A
    Price: $1,250
  42. Kara A
    Kara A
    Price: $1,180
  43. Kate A
    Kate A
    Price: $1,240
  44. Kaylin A
    Kaylin A
    Price: $1,200
  45. Kelsey A
    Kelsey A
    Price: $940
  46. Kendall A
    Kendall A
    Price: $1,560
  47. Kinsey A
    Kinsey A
    Price: $890
  48. Leah A
    Leah A
    Price: $2,300
  49. Lilliana A
    Lilliana A
    Price: $530
  50. Liv A
    Liv A
    Price: $3,220
  51. Luna A
    Luna A
    Price: $1,240
  52. Macy A
    Macy A
    Price: $1,640
  53. Madeline A
    Madeline A
    Price: $1,030
  54. Maggie A
    Maggie A
    Price: $1,100
  55. Maisie A
    Maisie A
    Price: $1,030
  56. Mallory A
    Mallory A
    Price: $1,740
  57. Maria A
    Maria A
    Price: $1,700
  58. Michelle A
    Michelle A
    Price: $4,210
  59. Millie A
    Millie A
    Price: $530
  60. Mira A
    Mira A
    Price: $1,880
  61. Nancy A
    Nancy A
    Price: $2,240
  62. Naomi A
    Naomi A
    Price: $580
  63. Penelope A
    Penelope A
    Price: $2,360
  64. Pia A
    Pia A
    Price: $1,980
  65. Quinn A
    Quinn A
    Price: $1,880
  66. Rachel A
    Rachel A
    Price: $3,020
  67. Reagan A
    Reagan A
    Price: $550
  68. Rylie A
    Rylie A
    Price: $550
  69. Sally A
    Sally A
    Price: $1,250
  70. Sara A
    Sara A
    Price: $1,240
  71. Sarah A
    Sarah A
    Price: $1,250
  72. Selma A
    Selma A
    Price: $1,780
  73. Shilo A
    Shilo A
    Price: $1,310
  74. Sienna A
    Sienna A
    Price: $1,470
  75. Talia A
    Talia A
    Price: $1,130
  76. Tamara A
    Tamara A
    Price: $1,480
  77. Trinity A
    Trinity A
    Price: $1,820
  78. Willow A
    Willow A
    Price: $1,240
  79. Yara A
    Yara A
    Price: $1,320
  80. Custom Design
    Custom Design
    Price: $150


We offer a stunning collection of matching wedding rings to complement the Engagement Bridal Collection. Our range consists of modern, classic and vintage wedding rings. Each piece is finely crafted with 18K white or yellow gold, or with platinum. We use brilliantly cut diamonds of G colour and VS clarity grading. You can also make your personalised modifications based on these designs, to achieve the custom made look you are after.

For men's wedding bands, we offer a variety of precious metal styles, as well as a price guarantee on pieces of similar design and quality—for more information, head to 'Men's bands' in the 'Wedding Bands' dropdown menu above.

Each of Moi Moi’s designs complement both classic and modern stylings, and are available for you to buy online, or in store in Sydney, Perth and other areas of Australia. If you’ve got a specific design in mind, our jewellers can craft the perfect piece to suit your needs. 
Produced in-house at our workshops throughout Australia, our custom wedding rings are made from the highest quality materials, with state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, our craftsmen have a passion for delivering exceptional, flawless pieces that create an impression. We also encourage all of our clients to work with us throughout the process, in order to fulfil the vision you’ve blueprinted. 

Create a memorable moment with your custom made wedding ring from Moi Moi, as part of our complementing Engagement Bridal Collection. Designs are available for both men and women for sale online, or at one of our stores in Sydney, Perth or other areas of Australia. If you’re looking to buy a specific piece, contact us to set up a consultation or to discuss your ideas.