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  1. EE1515IVR
    Price: $200
  2. EE1515WP
    Price: $200
  3. EE1518IVP
    Price: $170
  4. EE1612PU
    Price: $170
  5. EE1625BKTQ
    Price: $210
  6. EE1625IV
    Price: $210
  7. EE1625TQY
    Price: $210
  8. EE1735WBK
    Price: $190
  9. EE1669BU
    Price: $160
  10. EE1669R
    Price: $160
  11. EE1670R
    Price: $160
  12. EE1671BK
    Price: $160
  13. EE1671BU
    Price: $160
  14. EE1675WBK
    Price: $250
  15. EE1678WBK
    Price: $200

The Miabelle collection has just what you need for your upcoming formal occasion. As with all products in the Miabelle collection, the earrings are made from hand painted enamel and sterling silver: the trademark of the Miabelle range. There are a range of beautiful colours to suit your needs, from gorgeous pastel butterfly patterns to complement your day time formal moments, to the more subtle and glamorous black and white patterns to suit your night time events. The collection includes delicate pendant-style earrings, ready to complement your stunning Miabelle engagement ring on your big day, thick hoop-style earrings for a classy formal dinner or the classic stud-style earrings for a dressed-up corporate affair or glamorous night out on the town. Allow yourself to feel like royalty with the Miabelle earring range. Treat yourself or a loved one to the sterling silver hoop earrings with the fiery red painted enamel running through the centre. Or perhaps enjoy an elegant day in the sun with a pair of round pastel-coloured enamel pendant earrings set with smoky quartz and rhodolite. Allow the Miabelle earring collection to entrance you with the stylish rainbow of colours that can take your simple outfit from elegant day-ware to sophisticated night-ware. The wonderfully painted enamel colours are so vibrant they will make you feel like you are swimming through the ocean while wearing a pair of aquamarine pendant earrings, before smouldering at your formal event with the sterling silver red-streaked hoops. Whatever your needs, you can rely on the beautiful range of earrings in the Miabelle collection.