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Diamond Accent Engagement Rings

 You will love the style and quality of this Diamond Engagement Rings collection.  Each design features diamond accents and a choice of Moissanite or Diamond as the centre stone. You can choose from 18K in white, yellow, and rose gold or platinum.

Each design can be customised.

Now you can have exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it. For instance, you like the design but you feel the centre stone is a touch too small, you can change to a larger stone. The possibilities are endless, you can change the metal type or colour and you can change stone shapes or stone types. Your unique ring will feature the same incredible quality and superior workmanship you have come to expect from Moi Moi Fine Jewellery.

Many of our customers have chosen Moissanite as centre stone with diamond accents, due to its incredible value. You can of course have diamond as your centre showpiece. In this case we can help you to purchase a diamond or you can provide us with the diamond that you have purchased online. We will then customise any or the above design to suit the diamond precisely.

All the Diamond Ring designs feature diamond accents and all designs come with matching wedding bands.

We use special white gold allow to give you the pristine whiteness of platinum. It will retain the shine and lustre and does not have the yellow tinge commonly seen in white gold.

We invite you to see this Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring collection at our Sydney Store or view our collection online today.