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  1. Alexandra Pink
    Price: $6,180.00
  2. Ali 5.0 Pink
    Price: $6,460.00
  3. Doris Pink
    Price: $4,240.00
  4. Eve Pink
    Price: $4,940.00
  5. Evita Pink
    Price: $6,120.00
  6. Judy Pink
    Price: $7,900.00
  7. Katharine 8.0 Pink
    Price: $4,890.00
  8. Louisa Pink
    Price: $7,610.00
  9. Vivien Pink
    Price: $5,610.00

Created Pink Diamond Rings, for Engagement or any Occasion. 

Pink diamonds are an icon of Australia, with more than 90%of the world's deposits being found at the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley, Western Australia. These have become the most sought after of all the fancy coloured diamonds around the world, suitable for a variety of occasions and styles. The Argyle Diamond Mine has declared that it has just a decade of supply remaining in the mine for these pink diamonds, making Argyle pink diamonds even more desirable than ever.

Moi Moi's pink diamonds are identical physically,structurally and chemically to the natural mined versions. Our gemstones are created with the exact same natural mineral as their mined counterparts. Only trained gemmologists using a powerful microscope are able to tell the difference. Moi Moi’s crafted diamonds are considered to be the best in the world and are substantially cheaper than those mined naturally.

Moi Moi offers the largest collection of created pink diamond rings for engagements and special occasions, with all jewellery available in Australia—shop for your dream piece and have it delivered straight to you in Sydney, Perth or other major capital cities. The collection includes engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants in a range of elegant designs, which truly showcase the incredible beauty of these gemstones.

We invite you to visit our Sydney and Perth stores in Australia to view the entire collection that we have for sale. Alternatively, you can browse our range of engagement rings and pink diamond pieces online. To make an appointment, simply click 'book an appointment' on the individual product page,or email us for further details.

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Pink Diamonds

Incredibly rare and beautiful, pink diamonds are a much sought-after stone. The brilliant prink colouring is thought to be a result of pressure beneath the Earth’s crust; as pressure builds the diamond moves closer to the surface and the structure changes, causing the stone to absorb light and produce colour. 

In recent times, this stone has dramatically increased in popularity – some believe due to celebrity endorsement. In fact, pink diamond rings reportedly fetched higher prices after Jennifer Lopez received an engagement ring featuring the stunning stone!
Here at Moi Moi Fine Jewellery, we specialise in created pink diamond engagement rings. Our synthetic pink diamonds have the same properties to mined pink diamonds and are 90% less expensive. 

So how are synthetic pink diamonds actually made? Well, they’re created using either a process called “High Pressure, High Temperature” (HPHT) or Chemical Vapour Deposit (CVD). Both processes essentially replicate nature in a laboratory; however rather than taking millions of years to form, these stones can be synthesized much faster. The rough is then polished by skilled craftsman using the same equipment and techniques for diamond faceting to bring out the brilliance, fire and scintillation. Created pink diamonds look just like their mined counterparts, and scientifically it is identical. It has the same colour, brilliance clarity and fire of a natural pink diamond.

We’re able to custom make designs to suit your specific requirements, ensuring your ring is unique and truly personalised. We have created pink diamonds for sale to suit varying budgets. ; whether you’re looking for a synthetic pink diamond or a GIA certified natural stone.

From engagement rings to anniversary gifts, we create heirloom-quality jewellery that lasts a lifetime. Browse our extensive range online today, or visit us in store in Sydney or Perth to view our stunning designs in person. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a highly personalised service, and we believe in looking after our valued customers. In fact, we offer complimentary engraving for wedding bands and engagement rings, as well as complimentary re-sizing within the first year. As members of the Jewellery Association of Australia, you can rest assured our stones are authentic and only the finest precious metals are used in the creation of each and every piece.

For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!