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  1. Amelie A
    Amelie A
    Price: $680.00
  2. Amelie K
    Amelie K
    Price: $780.00
  3. Amelie LQ
    Amelie LQ
    Price: $680.00
  4. Amitee A
    Amitee A
    Price: $520.00
  5. Amitee K
    Amitee K
    Price: $760.00
  6. Amitee LQ
    Amitee LQ
    Price: $480.00
  7. Angelique K
    Angelique K
    Price: $860.00
  8. Angelique LQ
    Angelique LQ
    Price: $630.00
  9. Camille A
    Camille A
    Price: $430.00
  10. Camille BT
    Camille BT
    Price: $430.00
  11. Camille K
    Camille K
    Price: $780.00
  12. Camille SQ
    Camille SQ
    Price: $430.00
  13. Caressa A
    Caressa A
    Price: $460.00
  14. Caressa BT
    Caressa BT
    Price: $460.00
  15. Caressa SQ
    Caressa SQ
    Price: $410.00
  16. Carolina A
    Carolina A
    Price: $420.00
  17. Carolina BT
    Carolina BT
    Price: $420.00
  18. Carolina SQ
    Carolina SQ
    Price: $290.00
  19. Celeste A
    Celeste A
    Price: $760.00
  20. Celeste BT
    Celeste BT
    Price: $760.00
  21. Celeste SQ
    Celeste SQ
    Price: $630.00
  22. Charlize A
    Charlize A
    Price: $620.00
  23. Charlize K
    Charlize K
    Price: $840.00
  24. Charlize LQ
    Charlize LQ
    Price: $620.00
  25. Charlize SQ
    Charlize SQ
    Price: $620.00
  26. Dior A
    Dior A
    Price: $680.00
  27. Dior BT
    Dior BT
    Price: $680.00
  28. Eloise A
    Eloise A
    Price: $680.00
  29. Eloise BT
    Eloise BT
    Price: $680.00
  30. Eloise SQ
    Eloise SQ
    Price: $680.00
  31. Eugenie A
    Eugenie A
    Price: $680.00
  32. Eugenie BT
    Eugenie BT
    Price: $680.00
  33. Eugenie SQ
    Eugenie SQ
    Price: $580.00
  34. Fleur A
    Fleur A
    Price: $620.00
  35. Fleur K
    Fleur K
    Price: $780.00
  36. Fleur LQ
    Fleur LQ
    Price: $620.00
  37. Fleur SQ
    Fleur SQ
    Price: $620.00
  38. Julietta A
    Julietta A
    Price: $610.00
  39. Julietta K
    Julietta K
    Price: $820.00
  40. Julietta LQ
    Julietta LQ
    Price: $580.00
  41. Juliette A
    Juliette A
    Price: $680.00
  42. Juliette K
    Juliette K
    Price: $960.00
  43. Juliette LQ
    Juliette LQ
    Price: $680.00
  44. Justyne A
    Justyne A
    Price: $760.00
  45. Justyne K
    Justyne K
    Price: $960.00
  46. Justyne LQ
    Justyne LQ
    Price: $630.00
  47. Nadine A
    Nadine A
    Price: $680.00
  48. Nadine BT
    Nadine BT
    Price: $680.00
  49. Nadine K
    Nadine K
    Price: $850.00
  50. Nadine LQ
    Nadine LQ
    Price: $680.00
  51. Nancie A
    Nancie A
    Price: $760.00
  52. Nancie K
    Nancie K
    Price: $960.00
  53. Nancie LQ
    Nancie LQ
    Price: $630.00
  54. Nanette A
    Nanette A
    Price: $680.00
  55. Nanette BT
    Nanette BT
    Price: $650.00
  56. Nanette K
    Nanette K
    Price: $840.00
  57. Nanette LQ
    Nanette LQ
    Price: $620.00
  58. Paris A
    Paris A
    Price: $850.00
  59. Paris LQ
    Paris LQ
    Price: $680.00
  60. Paris SQ
    Paris SQ
    Price: $680.00
  61. Parnella A
    Parnella A
    Price: $720.00
  62. Parnella LQ
    Parnella LQ
    Price: $630.00
  63. Parnella SQ
    Parnella SQ
    Price: $630.00
  64. Pasclina
    Price: $960.00
  65. Pasclina LQ
    Pasclina LQ
    Price: $860.00
  66. Pasclina SQ
    Pasclina SQ
    Price: $760.00
  67. Rochelle A
    Rochelle A
    Price: $680.00
  68. Rochelle K
    Rochelle K
    Price: $780.00
  69. Suzette A
    Suzette A
    Price: $1,230.00
  70. Suzette SQ
    Suzette SQ
    Price: $780.00
  71. Custom Design
    Custom Design
    Price: $150.00

True Colours Collection: Coloured Stone Jewellery

Some occasions call for a splash of colour; fine jewellery featuring coloured stone is the perfect way to add an understated touch of elegance to any outfit.

Moi Moi Fine Jewellery’s True Colours Collection features a wide array of stunning pieces that effortlessly merge beautiful coloured gems with expert design and craftsmanship. Our collection includes eye catching cocktail rings, delicate pendant necklaces and a range of both stud and drop earrings. Wear them alone as a statement piece, or pair our cocktail rings with the matching earrings or necklace to complete the look.

Using high quality sterling silver, our pieces incorporate various different gemstones, including amethyst, blue topaz, kunzite, lemon quartz, smoky quartz, and even pink, blue, and white sapphire. In terms of design, our jewellery is varied; from prong-set stones with a halo, through to rectangular corner-set gems, you’re sure to find a style you adore. The stones featured in this collection have been chosen for their brilliant colours and timeless appearance; these classic designs will always be desirable.

The type of stone you choose will be dependent on personal taste; some people prefer the bold purple hue of amethyst or the bright azure colouring of blue topaz, while others prefer the subtle lilac tones of kunzite or the deep allure of smoky quartz.

If you’re searching for expertly crafted coloured stone jewellery, look no further than our True Colours Collection. You can explore this collection online today, or visit us in-store to view these stunning pieces in person.