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Date Added: 11/04/2011

Everybody blogs.

So, why did it take us so long to start our blog? Our initial thoughts were 'what would we write?' That was a couple of years ago, and since then we realised actually, we do have a lot of interesting things to share! From our daily experiences in the shop, such as when we had three marriage proposals in our store, to our general observations on jewellery trends.

We will be sharing our tips, trends and ideas on all things related to jewellery; how to spot value when purchasing fine jewellery; interviews with interesting people; inviting guest bloggers; show you our latest jewellery pieces and special custom made items; celebrity jewellery trends; and behind-the-scenes of the jewellery trade. Plus we are here to answer any of your questions so please post your comments, and if you like our posts please share them with your friends.

Check back often, as we'll be putting up a new post about once a week.

We hope you enjoy the Moi Moi blog blog!