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Date Added: 9/05/2011
 "Lin" Earrings, 18K Yellow Gold  "Lin" Earrings, 18K White Gold

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries and loved reading the responses to the final question:

For your chance to win your choice of stunning 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold "Lin" Moissanite stud earrings 0.66 total carats valued at $590, tell us in 25 words or less about your fantasy jewellery piece.

The winner of this prize, because of their fabulous response was:

"I would love a pendant with a LARGE blue sapphire surrounded by 22 moissanite stones for my 22nd wedding anniversary this year."
- Rhonda M.


Thanks to everyone for their responses, we loved them so much we are giving you all a special gift, which will be sent via email and arrive in your IN BOX shortly!

Here were some of our favourite responses:

"I use to think something with pearls and rubies, that was until I saw the size of my engagement ring! oh yeah, that'll do it."
- Aeron S.

"My fantasy jewelery piece was the engagement ring that was hand crafted at Moi Moi in 2009. I was a pain and wanted two tones, three stones, and particularly set. The store assistant and jeweler were all amazing, and and it looked stunning in the end. Still does."
- Candice L.

"Matching cuff links and tie pin in white gold with Moissanite in the shape of a F1 car."
- Richard F.

"Any pice of Moi Moi jewellery is fantastic I reckon".
- Blake J.

"My fantasy jewellery is exactly my engagement ring, designed by my now husband. Nothing makes me happier than looking at it!"
- Katie M.

"Something that would be so impressive it makes my partner go weak at the knees and look at me like I'm the only person on earth..."
- Stuart B.

"I would adore a moissanite bracelet and ring set in white gold. After seeing how beautiful the moissanite jewelry is I can honestly say I have no longer have any desire for diamonds."
- Kathryn E.

"My fantasy piece is an amazing piece that has some color but is also elegant and classy. I want my jewellery to be the envy of people. That is why I love moi moi so affordable!"
- Kylie C.

"Love my "Amelia" Moissanite engagement ring in yellow gold - everyone ooohs over its sparkle - would love earrings to match it for my wedding!"
- Deborah B.

"As I am male and to marry later this year my fantasy jewellery piece is a custom wedding band designed by my fiancee and myself."
- Phillip M.

"Although I have my "fantasy" piece from Moi Moi there is always room for more.....and as my name is Kimberley I think a pink "Kimberley" diamond (from Moi Moi's collection) is an absolute must! I can't possibly be 'complete' without one :-)"
- Kimberley R.

"My fantasy jewelery piece is sitting on the 4th finger of my left hand! The beautiful 'Audrey 1' in white gold!"
- Gemma H.

"i have it ... my 'maternity' ring from moi moi - 'Monica II' ... with a saphire representing the birth of our beautiful baby boy"
- Kylie S.

"My fantasy jewellery piece would be the piece that I find for my wife that she falls in love with and treasures the moments when she gets to show it off on a special occasion or event."
- Justin H.

"My fantasy jewellery piece is a heavy gold chain with set of gold boxing gloves set with solitaire diamond in each glove"
- Barry L.

"My husband and I bought a beautiful 4.25 carat moissanite engagement ring and a gorgeous 2.5 carat necklace. We would love to have earrings to complete the set."
- Melissa S.

"My engagement ring - to be a combination of an emerald handed down to me from my mother, added to with some new stones!"
- Beccy G.

- Marie B.

"My partner has made no secret that this is the year he is going to propose (YAY) & what better way with a beautiful moi moi ring."
- Cindy W.

"A 1920s-style dinner ring with a fancy cut stone, like a large pear-cut smoky quartz, or an oval-cut emarald surrounded by diamonds. Stunning!"
- Marsha G.

"I would buy an 'Ava' style rectangle cut engagement ring for my girlfriend. We have inspected it allready through the sydney store."
- Luke T.

"A pink ring to signify the birth of my much awaited daughter. Your stones are as precious as she is to us!"
Rebekah B.

"I LOVE my moissanite engagement ring. I'd like to win these earrings to replace my current cubic zirconium ones with superior quality stones. Moissanite rocks!"
- Vikki M.

"I always get teased for wearing the same boring gold hoops. I suppose my fantasy piece would be earrings that people notice and complement me."
- Catherine R.

"My partner and I have been together for just over four years, so my fantasy piece of jewellery is the Moi Moi 'Imogen' engagement ring. I've even shown it to him, so he knows what to get :)"
- Kristy D.

"I already have my fantasy ring. A 1ct moissanite engagement ring from moimoi bought at the end of last year and I adore it!"
- Ann-Louise M.

"Have recently discovered the beauty of Moissonite and have purchased a beautiful 1.9ct solitaire ring. Earings to match....exquisite!!!!!!!! I'm worth it!!!!!!!"
- Annabel O.

"I have been with my partner for 5 years and we have been speaking about marraige. I like the idea of having a Moissanite type engagement ring so that we can choose a brilliant piece without having to spend so much on diamonds and compromise on size. I dream of choosing a MoiMoi engagement ring and wedding band! One day! (Hurry up and ask me!)"
- Corrie W.

"A moissanite engagement ring. Nothing too sparkly or big. Simple design. Chosen by my partner. Conflict free."
- Melissa G.

"Everyone is going gaga over Princess Diana's sapphire ring but my Fiancee loves loves loves her emeralds. If I could find the right piece (replica of course) I am 100% sure she will finally set the wedding date."
- Aidan B.

"A sparkly jewel that is conflict-free and doesn't need to destroy the earth to create and become mine - a simple design that turns heads!"
- Tegan C.

"A beautiful white gold Moissanite ring!! After 37 years of marriage my engagement ring (and I) could do with some revamping and restyling."
- Karin H.

"I want a piece that LOOKS like a million bucks but doesn't COST me a million bucks"
- Jemima M.

"I recently received my fantasy jewellery for my engagement-from moi moi! 'Shirley'. My fiance surprised me with it after I saw it while on holiday in Sydney!"
- Rebecca R.