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Resizing rings for fingers with arthritis

Date Added: 21/11/2012

Our customer Julie’s original engagement ring was unable to be taken off because of arthritis.

Her knuckles became very wide but the base of the fingers remain thin. This as you can imagine makes it difficult to wear rings, since the ring must be big enough to come over the knuckles but small enough to fit the finger and not keep spinning around.

Unfortunately, Julie left it on for too long and it resulted in having to get the ring cut off.

Since our customers ring was of great sentimental value to her (the stones were originally from her mother’s engagement ring) she had to find a solution to be able to wear it again.

We resized the ring, making it round again and then added small gold balls inside the ring.  This allows for the ring to still go over the knuckles but the balls of gold help to fill the space once at the base of the finger.

This solution worked perfectly and our customer can now wear her ring again.

Julie's Old Ring
Julie's remodelled ring
Julie's remodelled ring