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Plain or Patterned Wedding Bands?

Date Added: 24/09/2013

As Lauren had mentioned in her previous blog that wedding bands do not have to match, the next common question we get asked is “What style of band should I get? Plain or Patterned?”.

Traditionally many would be just plain gold bands. These days even though many men came in looking for something “plain”, they often mean “simple but with some sort of pattern or finish”.  A plain band would transform into a modern and classy band simply by having a combination of polished and emery (matt) finish, as shown in the photo below.

(L) Combination of Polished and Emery Finish on our F114 Ring.
(R) Polished finish on our HRC ring.

Combination white gold rings are also very popular. To achieve a darker and lighter combination of white gold, 9K and 18K white gold are used without rhodium plating. Without the rhodium plating it gives the 18K white gold ring a strong and darker tone against the 9K white gold (refer to the ring on the left in the photo below).

Generally when you rhodium plate any white gold rings they tend to look whiter and more lustrous (right ring in the photo below).


 (L) Emery Finish with Polished Grooves on our F168 Ring, a combination of 9K and 18K white gold without rhodium plating.
(R) Emery and Polished finish with rhodium plating on our P328B ring.

Below is a set of bands with cross emery finish against the polished yellow gold groove. This finish plays with the light reflecting on it giving it a marble 3D look. Staying classy yet interesting to the eyes!

Cross Emery finish on our G64M rings

For men who don’t want diamond or moissanite set in their bands, yet prefer a touch of sparkles, then diamond cut on your band would give you just that! Not only do they add patterns to your band, they tend to playfully reflect light off them. Still keeping them “masculine”.  


(L) Diamond cut design on our F89M ring.
(R) Diamond cut design on our F133M ring.

There are so many different finishes and variables you can use to have a 'simple' or different ring. View all our finishes here.

- Aggie