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Moi Moi Presents at University of NSW

Date Added: 31/07/2012


We have just come back from our presentation at UNSW.  The topic was “Marketing of the Most Brilliant Jewel in the World, using social media, our website and the internet.”

We had envisaged taking our time to set up, whilst the 350 marketing students slowly filled up the auditorium.  Instead, our host and lecturer of the class Dr. Tania Bucic, walked us to the theatre, opened the door and we were stunned to see a filled auditorium of students! Many had laptops looking at our website, or were reading the brief which we had already issued.  We were quickly ushered through the door, down the stairs to the stage, plugged in our power point presentation and 30 seconds after we walked in the door, we had begun!! No time to breathe.

We talked about how clever jewellery marketing by De Beers has made diamonds what it is today.  They spearheaded their campaign with the slogan of the century, ‘A Diamond is Forever’.  As a result, not only did it make De Beers very powerful and very rich, it also changed the way we value diamonds.  Because of this slogan and marketing genius, diamonds became universally linked to love, forever and a necessary luxury.


Why are we talking about De Beers?  Because the success of Moissanite relies on clever marketing. We outlined our own marketing strategies and achievements so far, and challenged the 350 marketing students to present to us future marketing strategies with an emphasis on social media and the online arena.


After an hour of presenting, the students had a lot of fantastic questions. We left feeling great about the presentation and the enthusiasm of the students.  We cannot wait to see what interesting ideas and strategies they come up with at the end of their semester in October.

Right…. now for a strong cup of coffee!