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Moi Moi Launches SUPERNOVA Moissanite | Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

Date Added: 6/09/2016

Moi Moi Fine Jewellery has been pioneering Moissanite in Australia for over a decade, and today, the Sydney-based company led by Founders and designing sister duo - Lauren Chang Sommer and Alana Chang Weirick, has launched  the next generation Moissanite, SUPERNOVA Moissanite, in Australia. 

SUPERNOVA Moissanite is a global brand of Moissanite gemstones, made and distributed by Moissanite International, which is also the brainchild of the Moi Moi sisters and their father Stephen Chang.

Moissanite International is a separate company that sells loose Moissanite gemstones through international distributors. 

Due to its unrivalled beauty and incredible value making it the best alternative to diamond, For instance, a one carat gem retails for $600 and is 95% cheaper than a diamond of similar grade. 

SUPERNOVA Moissanite offers the largest range of colourless Moissanite in the world. Ranging in sizes from 0.005 carats to 10 carats, SUPERNOVA Moissanite will be available in Round,
Cushion, Oval, Pear, Asscher, Square, Emerald, Heart, Marquise and Baguettes.

Moissanite has grown to become one of the hottest trends, creating high demand across the globe for the savvier consumers. Moissanite lasts a lifetime and is guaranteed to
never change appearance, making it ideal for use in engagement rings, eternity rings, and wedding bands.

SUPERNOVA Moissanite is integrally superior to diamonds in brilliance, fire and lustre, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly and completely conflict-free, unlike most other mined jewels.

Moissanite has a fascinating history; discovered in a meteorite crater by French Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Henri Moissan, Moissanite (also known as Silicon Carbide) in its
natural form is too rare for use in jewellery. However, one century later, through a combination of science, technology, and master gem cutting, created Moissanite became
available for fine jewellery usage. Moissanite has always been a near-colourless jewel with warm tones, and now with SUPERNOVA Moissanite,
the quality has reached the coveted colourless white that consumers demand. 

When you wear a SUPERNOVA Moissanite, you are wearing the most beautiful jewel
in the world. We hope that with SUPERNOVA, more and more people will enjoy the brilliance of Moissanite.

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