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Moi Moi launches hand model videos

Date Added: 17/09/2012

 “Can you take some photos of the ring on your hand, so I can see what it looks like?”

This is the most common request we get when customers are making their enquiries.
In response, we’ve done it better. Instead of a photo, we can now give you videos featuring our rings on our hand model!

You can now see what your ring will look like on a hand, instead of a 2D product image. You can now see the proportions of the ring and size of the stone in perspective to a hand. Plus, view all the details and different angles of the rings that were not available before. You can even see how the wedding bands sit next to their matching engagement rings.

With over 350 videos already filmed, we will be releasing a few videos every few days as we are finishing editing them on our website and Facebook page.

Please check back frequently for new releases. We hope you enjoy them!


Trivia: The launch video features our latest ring design, named “Anita”. We named it in honour of our very own hand model.

Click here to read about Anita, our hand model.