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Miabelle's Hand Model Competition Winner

Date Added: 15/09/2011
 Georgina: Hand Model Competition Winner
 Georgina's Winning Deisgn

After a 6-week "Search for Australia's Next Top Hand Model 2011" competition by MiABELLE, we have chosen our winner! Georgina from Victoria has created a fantastic image with her hands, and we've had a chat with her to find out more…

MM: Your entry was a very creative picture and well deserving win…how did you come up with the concept?
GG: I had a bit of a think about what would be fun and a little creative. I wanted to be doing something with my hands and decided painting my own hand would be fun to do.

MM: How did you create the image?
GG: I use Adobe Photoshop software at home so I took digital photographs of my left hand in various poses. Both hands in the final image are my left hand as I had to take the photo with my right hand! I reversed the hand with the paintbrush to make it look like my right hand. I then just used other pictures of paint splashes and splatters and photoshop brushes to create the painted effect. Was actually a lot of fun to make.

MM: What's your professional background?
GG: It varies a great deal. I used to be a Desktop Publisher and worked for different companies before moving from Sydney to Victoria and started temping as a DTP operator. I then met my partner and since then have been running our own business called History Up Close which is completely the opposite to anything else I have previously done! We take history subjects into schools and give students a totally interactive experience which is completely rewarding work and we haven't looked back.

MM: Do you have any other creations you want to share with our fans?
GG: Other than being self employed and rearing two young children, I've squeezed in a little time to dabble a bit in amateur photography and over the last year have experimented more with Photoshop which has been really exciting for me. I've created a facebook page called Gina's Magical Muses which is where I've been putting some of my images.

Thanks so much Georgina, and Congratulations again. Enjoy your prizes!