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Meet Patrik

Date Added: 13/12/2012


My name is Patrik Andersson and I started to work at Moi Moi in Sydney about two months ago. I thought this was a good time to introduce myself to you guys.

I originally come from a city of 130,000 people in Sweden. I moved to Sydney almost 10 months ago and have been enjoying every second of it. The biggest difference between life in Sydney and in Sweden is probably the weather. I called my family who are still back in Sweden last week and they had 15cm of snow and almost -15 degrees which is quite a difference.   

I have always been fascinated by jewellery. The reason is that there is so much workmanship behind every single piece of jewellery, it is this workmanship that makes every piece of jewellery a masterpiece. The symbolic value of jewellery is another reason I have found this industry interesting, the value of a ring, necklace or something similar is so much more than just the price you can sell it for.

I have really enjoyed working at Moi Moi this far, meeting some of you wonderful people and helping you decide which masterpiece is right for you is fantastic.  

I look forward seeing you in the shop soon.

Patrik Andersson