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Last Day At The Fair

Date Added: 25/09/2011
 Fine Design Pavilion  78 carats Smoky Quartz ring  Black and white diamond cuff

Well today was the last day I visited the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. This year's show was the largest instalment ever in the September Fair's 29-year history, breaking records in terms of exhibitor numbers and the size of the trade show floor. It surpassed last year's show by at least 200 exhibitors with 3,450 exhibitors from 46 countries.

More than 70 of these companies from around the world were located in the Fine Design Pavilion, a dedicated space in the Grand Hall of the Convention Center, which features high-end jewellery, bejewelled watches, and antique and estate jewellery. They really are the world's finest jewellery masterpieces with almost all of them being exclusive one-offs.

Some of the items included a blue chalcedony necklace and bracelets owned by the Duchess of Windsor and a diamond and rose brooch made for Princess Mathilde Bonaparte in 1855, presented by a New York jeweller. I also came across an incredible 40 carat yellow diamond ring, which really was one of the "smaller" items in this pavilion.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures as they are very strict on no photography, however I got some pictures of fabulous and massive jewellery at an exhibitor outside the Grand Hall that I hope you enjoy.

That's all from me at the HK it's time to go shopping!