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Kunzite - Pretty in Pink

Date Added: 9/11/2011


 Pretty in pink - Marijana modelling the kunzite jewellery on the cover of our new Moi Moi brochure  Kunzite ring from our True Colours Collection  Kunzite earrings from our True Colours Collection

All our True Colours Collection jewellery is made from natural gemstones and is of the highest quality and value.

We thought you may like to know a bit more about each stone, and so we begin with the pretty pink coloured stone...Kunzite!

Surprisingly Kunzite was discovered in the United States, early in the twentieth century. Even its name has American roots: this pink gem variety of the mineral spodumene is named in tribute to George Kunz, the legendary gem scholar, gemmologist, and gem buyer for Tiffany & Co at the turn of the century.

Today most kunzite is mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. Kunzite is often found in association with morganite and pink tourmaline, the other popular pink gemstones.

Kunzite is relatively hard, with a hardness of 7 just like quartz. However, kunzite should be handled with care because, like diamond, it has a distinct cleavage. A sharp blow, if it lands in the wrong place, can break it in two. Kunzite should also be protected from heat and continued exposure to strong light, which may gradually fade its colour.

We love kunzite so much, we've featured Marijana - the Moi Moi Mademoiselle - on the front cover of our new brochure modelling the kunzite jewellery from our new True Colours Collection.