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Is Moissanite Suitable for Engagement Rings?

Date Added: 9/03/2012
 "Layla" Moissanite 2ct ring "Layla" Moissanite 2ct ring 

The answer is an absolute YES. Moissanite engagement rings make a lot of sense for those who want a quality piece of jewellery, which can last a lifetime.

When we started our business about 7 years ago, we were inundated with requests for engagement rings. We shifted our focus from fashion jewellery and designed a collection of engagement rings for this segment of the market. Today, 80% of the rings that we sell are for engagements. In the early days, 1-carat size was the most popular, but it has since shifted towards larger stones of at least 1.5 carats.

Just yesterday a couple came into the store seeing Moissanite for the first time and were instantly attracted to its brilliance and price.

Once they discovered more about Moissanite and tried on many rings over coffee, they decided to buy a 2 carat solitaire.

The story came to light that they had been looking for an engagement ring for more than 18 months without any success. She knew exactly what she wanted which was a solitaire ring of at least 1.5 carat, but she couldn't justify spending the amount of money a diamond ring would cost. They were over the moon with the purchase and she actually shed a tear when he gave her the ring in front of us.

To this couple, a Moissanite engagement ring made a lot of sense; they are getting a more brilliant jewel at a price they were happy to pay.

The parting words from her were "I'll be back."

It was incredibly satisfying for us to see the amount of happiness and pleasure we have given this couple.

Anyone considering a diamond engagement ring, should also consider Moissanite, because you're not compromising on quality and the value is undeniable because Moissanite is the most brilliant jewel in the world!