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Introducing our Hand Model, Anita!

Date Added: 12/09/2012
You may remember in 2011, our company MiABELLE ran a quirky and fun competition where entrants were asked to show their hands in creative ways named "Search for Australia's Next Top Hand Model". It was here that Moi Moi first met Anita.

Anita’s entry into the Moi Moi Hand Model competition showed she had beautiful hands and was interested in hand modelling. So fast forward a year, we decided to contact Anita to do some hand modelling for us as we could still recall her hand-model entry photo.

What spurred on this idea, were the numerous requests we got from our customers who couldn’t come to the store to try on rings for themselves, to send them pictures of our rings being worn on our hands. It gives them more of an idea about proportion and size of the stone and ring itself. So we thought we would film our rings on a hand model and post them on each product page of our website.

It turns out Anita's a part-time model, student and more recently was named a Finalist for the 2012 Miss Earth pageant!

We hope Anita’s new 'handy' work videos bring you more exciting content for you to view on our website.

We’re so proud of her as the Miss Earth Australia finished on Saturday, and she did so well having made it to the finals out of 250 girls. Anita received an environmental award for her contribution in tree planting and as an ambassador.

She looked stunning in her gowns and Moi Moi was proud to sponsor her with some jewellery of course!

Anita's original entry in the MiABELLE competition

Anita hand modelling the
new "Anita" ring at Moi Moi
Anita hand modelling at Moi Moi

Here we spend 5 mins with Anita to let you get to know her a little better:

What are some of your interest and hobbies?
Painting, designing clothing and exploring business concepts is what I love to do.

Why did you enter our Miabelle ‘search for Australia’s next top hand model’ competition? Had you done hand modelling before?
I was watching tv and saw Moi Moi's beautiful jewellery, after following them on facebook I saw a hand competition. I had never done hand modelling before but was always told by peers that I had great hands so I decided to send a photo in, a year later here I am now as their hand model.

How would you describe the hand modelling experience with Moi Moi?
The staff at Moi Moi are so lovely and to work with them has been a pleasure. Being able to try hundreds of uniquely beautifully designed rings has made me appreciate the craft of such beautiful jewls.

Do you have a favourite Moi Moi ring? If so, which one?
Yes, there is a beautiful circular engagement ring, with a huge stone that bedazzled me with its sparkle, I could not stop looking at it! After I found out the ring had not yet been named, the wonderful staff at Moi Moi named it "Anita" after myself, very flattering for such a beautiful ring.

Apart from part time modelling, what is your other profession?
Modelling is a hobby, but my mind and heart has always been business orientated, iv studied business management, marketing, psychology and fashion design. There are many business idea's that I want to explore, my current project is launching my own fashion label in couture casual wear.

What made you want to enter the Miss Earth pageant?
A friend told me to enter, after a bit of hesitation I decided to go ahead to challenge myself and to also be able to voice my opinion about the environment and solutions such as renewable energy.

What did you gain by participating in the pageant? Why?
I loved having intellectual conversations with the 19 beautiful Australian National Finalist. To be able to discuss our views on environmental issues and solutions from different states and build business and friendship networks so fast was a great experience.

Anita modelling
Anita modelling
Anita modelling
Anita prior to the 2012 Miss Earth Australia Finals
Anita backstage at the 2012 Miss Earth Australia pageant
wearing Moi Moi's True Colours Kunzite Pendant and Ring
Anita front and centre onstage at the Miss Earth Australia 2012 pageant
Anita and all the other Finalists on stage at the Miss Earth Australia 2012 pageant
Anita with Jenna Seymour, Miss Earth 2012 winner

Anita with Michelle Highton and Taylah-Jessica Marsh