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Interview with Tammerly Robinson, Spoilt

Date Added: 20/06/2013

              Every woman loves to spoil themselves with make-up and be in the know with all things beauty and fashion.  We caught up with Tammerly Robinson, editor of women’s lifestyle blog, Spoilt, make-up artist, and 2011 Clinique’s IT girl to find out how she got started and what her tips are for this season’s beauty and colour trends.     
Moi Moi: What first inspired you to start your blog Spoilt?

Tammerly: Being a beauty fanatic, I had been sharing honest product reviews on since the website’s launch. Then four years ago I was introduced to the world of blogging and the fantastic, exciting opportunities it brings. After contributing to a successful fashion and beauty blog for six months, I decided to share my knowledge and passion for beauty with readers from my own platform and that is how Pink Diva Beauty started. After two years I wanted to expand my blog so that it covered fashion, beauty and celebrity news because they all tend to go hand-in-hand, so we re-launched as Spoilt in January 2012.

Moi Moi: You have worked on many fashion and beauty assignments. What was your favourite and why?
Napoleon Perdis and Tammerly at Fashion Week

Tammerly: Can I choose a couple? Spoilt was interviewed for women’s Health & Fitness magazine which was amazing, and my makeup portfolio was featured in the 2012 Modern Hair & Makeup magazine. I absolutely love working on fashion photo shootsbecause I am able to show my creativity and have gorgeous photography to show for once the day is over. I have also been honoured to meet and interview my makeup idol, Napoleon Perdis (who is just fantastic). Attending Sydney Fashion Week two years running was just so much fun – I love to see the show from backstage and then watch it transform on stage.

Moi Moi: 2011 was an exciting year for you as you were chosen as the Clinique It Girl. What did you gain from that experience?

Tammerly: Being a Clinique It Girl was pretty exciting for me. I was not planning on entering the competition but a friend of mine gave me the push I needed. I was already a fan of Clinique and had seen the competition advertised over the years but I never thought I would be chosen. Out of 400+ entries, six of us were selected and we spent two days at a stunning penthouse suite in Sydney. We filmed makeup challenges for Facebook fans to vote on and during the next 12 months we received new products to review for Clinique’s You Tube channel. While I did not gain a lot of exposure from the experience, I did gain more confidence in front of the camera and it was a wonderful opportunity.

Moi Moi: What fashion and makeup trends are hot this season?

Tammerly: Cobalt blue, coral and tangerine are perfect colours to wear this season. Lace is hot and peplum styles are gorgeous too. If you are bigger in the hips then try wearing peplum styles that sit along the hips. For makeup I love nude makeup – it is all about the perfect base. But for a pop of colour, add coral to your lips and eyes, a peach blush and finish with bronzed skin to complement.

Moi Moi: Which celebrity make up would you most like to do?

Tammerly: I just idolise Anna Kournikova – always have and always will. She defines natural beauty in every way. I also love Jennifer Hawkins, Montana Cox and upcoming Aussie star Isabelle Cornish.

Moi Moi: What is the one beauty tip you think every woman should know?

Tammerly: Less is more! I come across women who wear too much foundation or heavy eyeliner day in, day out to the point where they hate seeing themselves without it and that’s a shame.

Moi Moi: What is the one beauty tool every woman should have?

Tammerly: As a beauty blogger, I can’t just choose one (sorry)! I simply adore Le Edge, a fantastic hand-held exfoliating tool, and I adore Manicare’s Precision Blending Sponge – it blends foundation in to the skin with perfection, leaving skin looking flawless every time. I would be lost without these on a makeup job. Also makeup remover wipes which are perfect for those late nights.

Moi Moi: What is your favourite piece of jewellery and why?

Tammerly: I love my Tiffany & Co inspired ‘Audrey’ engagement ring which is just stunning and receives a lot of compliments. I also adore my Moi Moi black mesh ring – its sparkling moissanite is so pretty!

Moi Moi: Which Moi Moi design is your favourite?

Tammerly: Demi. I love large diamonds, glitter and white gold and Demi fits this description perfectly. – it is shiny, large, and oh-so-dreamy. If the hubby and I ever renew our vowels, I will be sure to ask for an ‘upgrade’!

Tammerly Robinson, makeup artist and editor of women’s lifestyle blog, Spoilt (