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Interview with Martin Walsh of Chadwick Models

Date Added: 15/08/2011
   Moi Moi and Chadwick Models have joined forces to
find the face for Moi Moi and a new talent for Chadwick Models, in the "Search for the Moi Moi Mademoiselle 2011" national modelling competition.

We think Martin Walsh has a fascinating job as Managing Director of Chadwick Models, being surrounded by beautiful people everyday. We had a chat with him last week to find out more...

MM: How did you become the Managing Director of Chadwick Models?

MW: I started with Chadwicks as a model over 30 years ago and then after 12years based in New York and being involved in other industry related business's returned to Australia to become Peter Chadwick's business partner in 1995. I assumed Managing director role in 2006 when Peter retired.

MM: Describe a typical day for you?

MW: My role is to oversee Agency operations while also personnaly managing celebrity clients in Management Division of Chadwicks. I am constantly liaising with divisional managers and bookers on day to day business, model placements and new model signings.

MM: What's the best thing about your job?

MW: Watching a young model develop in all aspects of the business to a point where they are working oversees and operating on an international level.

MM: What do you look for in a new model?

MW: We look for a number of attributes when considering a new model. Obviously they need the physical requirements like many specific careers but they also need to show the qualities that will make them stand out in a very competitive business. Its not just about being pretty but how you work in front of the camera and on the runway. This needs to be combined with an outgoing personality, a level of confidence and a professional approach to how you interact with your agency and clients.

MM: What characteristics would you like to see in the new Moi Moi Mademoiselle?

MW: we will work closely with the team at Moi Moi to recognise the qualities they look for but we are definitely on the same page that the Moi Moi Madmoiselle should have an amazing look that compliments their unique range of jewellery and will go on to being a successful Chadwick Model.

MM: What's the best piece of advice you would give an aspiring model?

MW: Listen to to your agent, be professional in your approach to the business side of the job, and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Thanks so much Martin!