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Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair - Day 3

Date Added: 23/09/2011
 Loose coloured gemstones  Diamond pavilions  Strands of pearls

Loose gemstones everywhere!

Diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, quartz, amethysts, corals, opals, tourmalines, beads are just a few of the gemstones I checked out today at the Asia World Expo venue where 1,600 exhibitors present their products. There are millions of stones to sort through from all over the world including Israel, Thailand, India and Europe. It certainly makes you question the "rarity" of some jewels that are marketed that way.

Jewellery accessories packaging, tools and equipment from suppliers around the world are also at this massive venue. State of the art equipment include casting systems, polishing, plating and grinding machines, diamond testers, microscopes, loupes, jewellery-specific photography set ups to name just a few.

Sadly, there was nothing new in terms of display that I haven't seen before.

As the last day of the Hong Kong fair at this venue was today, people were scrambling to pick up their last minute buys of displays and packagings.

Tomorrow is the last day I'll be attending the fair at the Convention Centre, where I'll be visiting the Fine Design Pavilion at the Grand Hall.

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