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Hong Kong Jewellery Fair

Date Added: 20/09/2014

Stephen and Lauren have just returned from Hong Kong where they have attended
one of the world’s largest jewellery fairs.
With over 52,000 visitors and over 1,600 gemstone suppliers from all around the world this jewellery fair is legendary. For us who did not get to visit the fair this means much jealousy, but we are also happy for Stephen and Lauren who got to enjoy this significant event.

credit: thanjaitours


There are many stories about the Hong Kong fair, with diamonds worth millions of dollars and the fair more often than not, involves some thrill with robberies. This year was not without its thrills. Five diamond thieves were arrested after an attempt to steal diamonds with a total worth up to $968,000. One of the suspects tried to exchange a five carat diamond,
worth $425,000 with a fake diamond, however the sales attendant saw the whole act.
When they confronted the man he dropped the diamond on the floor and was swiftly escorted away from the premises of the police.


If you love jewellery the Hong Kong trade fair is something that has to be experienced. The worlds whole jewellery market moves to the exhibition centre in Hong Kong for one week. With all different gemstones, some even many experts have never seen and heard of ever before. Every time we have visited the fair we have learned something new. 

One thing is for sure, next year I hope it will be my time to go to the Hong Kong Jewellery fair.

All the best,

Patrik Andersson
Sales Associate