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Holly Caiulo for Moi Moi Perth

Date Added: 19/04/2012
 Holly Caiulo Holly Caiulo and Aggie  Models fitting for the Betty Tran and Moi Moi show
Moi Moi will be showing our beautiful jewellery at the Perth Fashion Week this Saturday! Are you coming?!

It has been a crazy week yet undoubtedly a super exciting time for us in Perth.

At the fitting last week I got the chance to personally dress Gemma Bidstrup, Tia Hayes, Sian Honeybell and Cat Edwards - all high profile international models who have made their mark around the globe.

As you would imagine during the fitting there was so much to get done within a tight time frame I completely zoned out of my surroundings.

Then I heard someone asked me a question "Hey you are from Willetton, aren't you?"

I looked up and a stunning blonde model smiled and continued "I'm Holly, we went to the same high school together."

I didn't realise Holly Caiulo will be walking in our show (she wasn't there when we first arrived), which is so thrilling for me not just because she is such a lovely, georgeous, down to earth, high school friend but she is Perth's next Megan Gale, Gemma Ward or Jessica Gomes!

Holly recently won the hotly contested modeling categories- Runway Model of the Year and Photographic Model of the Year - at the extravagant black tie event at the GPO building in Forrest Place.

She has been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, SCOOP and Harper's Bazaar and has worked for fashion brands such as Bonds, Cue, Betts, Carla Zampatti....and soon Moi Moi!

YAY! And Wow!!! Holly will be the perfect Perth model to wear our jewellery for the show.

Not long to go now 'till Perth Fashion week... only 3 days to go, I am excitingly counting down.

Aggie x

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