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HELLO from Moi Moi Perth!

Date Added: 26/08/2011
   HELLO from the proud Moi Moi Perth franchisee!

While completing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Curtin University WA, I set up JSA Vogue, an online fashion retail shop, where I managed the sales, product development, customer service and promotional side of the business.

As luck would have it, I came across Moi Moi Fine Jewellery while signing into my hotmail account via ninemsn, where I saw Lauren and Alana featured in Smartcompany's Hot 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur's list.

Immediately inspired by what they had achieved, I did some research into Moi Moi's differentiation in the jewellery market, the Moissanite stone, instantly falling in love with the rare and mysterious jewel. With the excitement of a new business idea in mind, I contacted the Moi Moi store in Sydney to enquire about a business opportunity. Within 12 months, Moi Moi Perth opened it's door to unveil the dazzling Moissanite jewellery, spreading lots of love and sparklers to the people in Perth.

There is so much happening here and I am looking forward to contributing all our stories from the west side, to the Moi Moi blog.

I have a special treat for WA customers which I can tell you about next week... Have a great weekend! Aggie xx
 Aggie, Moi Moi Perth owner