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Halo be thy name

Date Added: 29/07/2011
 'Camilla' - 18KWG, 2.24tcw, $4,150  'Mela' - 18KWG, 3.14tcw, $5,540  'Natalie' - 18KWG, 1.15tcw, $3,140

Halo be thy name

Last week we sold three halo engagement rings in a row. That's three angelic bride-to be's! Is it a trend or is it coincidence? The halo style has definitely become much more popular in recent years. The design is not new and harks back to a vintage era when the design was once very popular in the roaring 20s and the 1930s.

Halo style rings feature a border of smaller stones encircling the centre larger stone. The visual effect of the halo ring is stunning as it emphasises its brilliance more than just a centre stone and also gives the visual impression of a larger centre stone. More size, for not as much cost! We all like that!

In the 20s the style was more vintage looking with milgrain detailing along the bezel, but in recent years the contemporary look without the milgrain is gaining popularity. The bezel for the centre stone also gives way to claw or double claw setting for larger stones. The popularity of the Halo ring also gained some traction due to the many celebs like Maria Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba all opting for these designs.

We have several of these rings in our collection, see the Camilla, Mela and Natalie rings for just a sample of our Halo rings....