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Guide to Men’s Earrings

Date Added: 20/12/2011
 David Beckham likes the big stud earring  Snoop Dog likes the dangling earring  George Michael keeps the faith

What have George Michael, David Beckham and Snoop Dog have in common?

They wear earrings!

If any man wants to stand out in the crowd, there is no better way to achieve it than wearing an earring. It is a trend, which has gone unabated since the 70's. In fact, more men are comfortable wearing earrings now to express their personality, creativity and sense of style.

We have given some tips below in what to look for in men's earrings:

What size is best?
Larger is not always better. Many celebs and sport stars can get away with rocks weighing down their ears. They may look out there, but it doesn't mean you should follow. The secret is for the earring to be subtle yet eye-catching.

Which ear to wear on?
Should I wear it on the left ear or the right ear? Should I wear them on both ears or should I wear more than one earring on one ear? There is no rule here. You wear it whichever way you feel comfortable!

What style of earring is the most popular?
The most popular type of earring for men is the stud. For men who want to add bling and style to their overall look, we recommend choosing a stud between 0.50ct - 1ct.

In terms of setting, the classic 4-claw basket and the 3-claw Martini setting are the top choices. Fancy cuts such as the cushion cut and the square brilliant cut are growing in popularity with customers who want less conventional, unique stud earring designs.

How do you find the earring that is suitable for you?
It is very simple: before you buy the earrings, try them on.