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Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Rose Gold

Date Added: 27/02/2017

Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Part II

For many modern couples, buying an engagement ring doesn’t just mean looking at diamonds. These days, young, smart and savvy couples are looking for a ring that delivers the same stunning looks and superior quality and yet won’t cost them the earth. If you could have your dream engagement ring, with all the sparkling brilliance of a celebrity scale diamond, without going into debt to buy it, why wouldn’t you? 

A Fascination with Rose Gold

In 2015, Apple released their super trendy Rose Gold iPhone models. It was an instant hit! People around the world were craving this beautiful and limited edition phone. Soon, interior design trends, fashion, and even jewelry began adopting the look. It was here to stay. 

Today, Rose Gold permeates all things beautiful. The rising popularity of this beautiful two-toned metal is indisputable. Even celebrities have started drenching themselves in it. Amy Adams, Nicole Richie and even ‘Rose’ herself, Kate Winslet have embraced Rose Gold in all its glory. Rocking this trend with either a mix-matching silver or a two-tone ring, celebs have decked themselves out in Rose Gold for the last year. Some celebrity engagement rings have also been coupled with standard gold and rose gold to create a stunning wedding band. 

(Amy Adams - Images courtesy of 

With celebrities sporting Rose Gold everything, and more jewelry designers integrating this metal into their collection, it’s clear Rose Gold will be one of the hottest trends in wedding jewelry for 2017. 

Our Rose Gold Collection 

At Moi Moi, we’re all about giving our customer’s what they want, so we’ve naturally included the Rose Gold trend in our engagement and wedding ring selection. Take our "Melissa" Rose Gold Ring, for example. It has three rows of Pave set side diamonds with milgrain detail, and a stunning Round Centre stone of one full carat Moissanite which is perfectly diffused with stunning Rose Gold metal. The centre stone is of course a SUPERNOVA Moissanite stone, making it far more brilliant than traditional diamonds. 

Get this beautiful look on your finger when you shop at Moi Moi. Next we’ll look at trend number three on our list.