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Emerald Cut VS Radiant Cut

Date Added: 4/08/2012
We get many customers coming to us asking for Emerald cut Moissanite. Moissanite is available in most cuts with exception of a few, Emerald cut being one of them.

Instead, we have Moissanite in a Radiant cut. The radiant cut is an excellent alternative because you would still get a rectangular shape stone but with more brilliance when compared to an emerald cut.

If you’re wondering what the differences are between the two cuts, here are a few facts about them and why we recommend the Radiant over the Emerald:-

 Radiant Cut
 Emerald Cut
Emerald Cut

-  Outline could be square or rectangular

-  Facets (called step cut) are rectilinear or straight-lined with parallel arrangement

-  Pavilion and crown for this cut are comparatively shallow and not as sparkly

-  Other example of step cut – baguette

Radiant Cut

-  Outline could be square or rectangular – In Moissanite a Radiant cut is rectangular in shape

-  Facets are more complex and are called mixed cuts

-  Comprises of both modified brilliant cut and step cut. Therefore has more brilliance

-  Preserves the weight and dimensions of the stone

We recently had a customer who wanted a custom design ring. She was after an engagement ring with an emerald cut centre stone accented with tapered baguettes on each side. We proposed a radiant cut to her to show more brilliance, so that way she still retained the rectangular shape for the centre stone and didn’t have to compromise the ring style that she wanted.

Here’s the result!
Radiant Custom Made Ring
 Radiant Custom Made on Finger