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Easter Eggs with no calories!

Date Added: 13/04/2011

It's what we have all been waiting for; a fat free, no calorie, low carbohydrate Easter egg. With this egg you won't need to count points, go for a run, take an extra yoga class or feel the slightest bit guilty.

"It's too good to be true" you're probably thinking to yourself right about now. But guess what? IT'S NOT!

We've created the best Easter egg with no calories. Make life more interesting and instead of choosing from dark, milk or white, pick green, yellow, blue or whatever colour you desire from a selection of ten unique, fabulous Faberge inspired enamel egg pendants which are individually hand painted and set.

Celebs love this trend too: Olivia Wilde from TRON: Legacy and House, was seen wearing her egg pendant at the Film Independant Spirit Awards.

Olivia Wilde