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Do our wedding bands have to match?

Date Added: 20/09/2013

Many couples buying their weddings bands often think they need to get matching wedding bands. It's a nice idea to have matching bands, but the reality is that it's very rare that a couple ends up getting matching wedding bands these days.

Traditionally wedding bands would simply be just that - a plain band of gold that as a ring signifies an everlasting union.

Now, there are many design options available to both men and women. It is always best to choose a ring that suits your hand and for women a ring that compliments the engagement ring.

Two-toned rings of both yellow and white gold with a mix of polished and emery finishes remain the most popular for men. Whilst more affordable metals like Titanium are not only extremely tough but are also very light in weight appealing to those tough on their hands or men who don't like the heavy feel of a more weighty ring.


Women should choose a wedding ring that compliments the engagement ring. If a wedding band will not sit flush against the engagement ring, it is possible to custom make a band like a jigsaw for a perfect set.  Women are still loving finer bands that have a row of Diamonds or Moissanite.


- Lauren