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Designer Bling On Any Budget

Date Added: 6/07/2012

Our very first blog post mentioned that we have had an engagement proposal in our store. In fact, we’ve had quite a few! The first time took us by surprise as much as it did the bride-to-be, when her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Since then, we’ve had three more in-store proposals. So why have these men acted so spontaneously to show their love in such a public space like a jewellery store?

They had one thing in common: before walking into our store and learning about Moissanite, they all thought they only had one option. For the size of the stone they wanted, it was out of reach.  It was their new discovery of Moissanite, that tipped them to their MOI – i.e Moment Of Inspiration and they ended up on one knee and buying their dream ring right there and then!  It was flattering to think that because of the affordable options we are able to offer we were in some way speeding up people’s engagement!

This is the idea behind our latest Romance collection. Couples can have exquisite and high quality ring designs at any budget. 
The new collection adapts to any budget, but without compromising on quality or design. You can spend between $2000 and $10,000 to own the same ring, depending on your choice of centre stone, be it Moissanite or Diamond! It’s a truly customisable and personal experience. 

The Romance Bridal Collection has a massive 120 designs of engagement rings and matching wedding bands. All jewellery is fine
ly crafted in 18K white or yellow gold or Platinum. Customers can also make their own personalised modifications based on these designs to achieve a custom made ring.

View the new Romance Bridal Collection now.