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Custom Made Jewellery

Date Added: 14/12/2012

Q: I want a unique piece of jewellery, do you custom make?

Moi Moi: YES!

Q: Do many of your customers do custom made jewellery?

Moi Moi: YES!

We have done thousands of custom made pieces of jewellery over the years. We are very well known for our Moissanite jewellery, but we are not well known for our custom made because we have never really promoted ourselves as that. We have not published these designs, simply because many are one-off pieces that we do not wish to be copied. You can come into our stores to view our portfolio.

As Moissanite is not expensive as diamond, many people feel they can be more adventurous with their designs, and still stay well within their budgets. We love doing custom made jewellery, as it always gives us a buzz to present the finished product to our clients who are thrilled to see their design for the first time.

Check out our video about custom made jewellery from Moi Moi.