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Custom Designed Engagement Rings by CAD

Date Added: 30/09/2013

There is something enchanting about wearing a piece of jewellery that you have designed yourself and had it crafted exclusively for you.

The purchase experience of fine jewellery has changed dramatically in the last 3 -4 years.  When we started our business 10 years ago, custom made jewellery was a small part of our business. In the past, customers normally came into our store and chose an existing design that we had.  We did not have a huge product range and yet it was sufficiently enough to provide our customers a pleasant buying experience.
Nowadays, customers are becoming more discerning when it comes to custom made engagement rings, they:

  • Want the same or similar custom designs rings which they have found in the internet;
  • Want simple modifications to existing ring designs, so jewellers are expected to carry a huge collections of designs;
  • Want their own unique and sophisticated designs (graphic designers and architects especially);
  • Want it quick; and
  • Want it cheap.

This consumer culture in buying fine jewellery has forced many jewellers to rethink how they can deal with these challenges with new approaches to design, manufacturing and sales. Jewellers of the old school will still wait for customers behind their counters or continue sitting behind  a wooden bench laboriously forming gold into rings.

Jewellers who are progressive tackle these new buying habits with new technology in their marketing and by using CAD in design and CAM in their manufacturing.

CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design and CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing.

                        Custom Ruby Ring - CAD Drawing                                               Custom Ruby Ring - Rendered Drawing           
                        Custom Ruby Ring - Finished product                                       Custom Ruby Ring - Finished product with band  

Benefits of Using CAD in Engagement Ring Design

CAD has many benefits to the consumers and jewellers. It can offer uniqueness in design that has never seen before. Custom engagement rings are cheaper to make and the turnaround time has also been reduced. The biggest benefit of CAD is to allow consumers to see their designs in incredible detail and make whatever changes to it before the final crafting by hand. The end result is therefore exactly as you want it to be to the last finest detail.

In the early years of our business, we had been using CAD for very delicate designs only. As consumers purchasing habits changed we have seen a rapid increase of at least 5 folds in our custom designs requirements. It happens very often when customers come in showing images of engagement ring designs that they downloaded from the internet and want a similar design. In this case, it is easy for us to do a rendered image of the ring for the customer to approve before proceeding with the making of the ring.

For those who are not entirely sure of a design, you can come into our store and we can show you lots of different designs and settings allowing you to combine them to come up with a design that is entirely yours. We will then come up with a 3D rendered image for your approval.

In terms of design, our CAD designer who happens to be a jeweller as well, can make pretty much any jewellery design that you desire.

Come in and talk to us, you will find that CAD is an enjoyable experience to get your custom designed engagement ring.

- Stephen

                           Custom Pave Ring - CAD Drawing                                                  Custom Pave Ring - Rendered Drawing  
                     Custom Pave Ring - Finished Product                                             Custom Pave Ring - Finished Product