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Charles & Colvard vs

Date Added: 24/05/2012's owner has recently challenged the Australian patent against Charles & Colvard. This challenge was rejected by the Australia Patent Office. together with has introduced an enhanced Moissanite called Amora (previously Mira Moissanite).

This is a third party enhancement which Charles & Colvard does not endorse and voids the warranty. There is a lot of false information directed at Charles & Colvard out on the internet, because Charles & Colvard do not supply these companies directly due to their enhancement treatments on their Moissanite.  

Unfortunately, all of this misinformation leads to confusion in the marketplace. However, when you try to ascertain which information is correct and which is misinformation, you should ask yourself the question, which company is more credible?
Charles & Colvard broke new ground in the late nineties when they introduced Moissanite to the jewellery world. Up until now they are still the sole source of Moissanite and therefore provide the only warranty that matters.

Moi Moi is the distributor of Charles & Colvard created Moissanite in Australia. We are excited with the new Forever BrilliantTM Moissanite, the whiter and brighter Moissanite, now available.

Charles & Colvard Announces Australian Patent Office Upholds Patent after Re-Examination Request
Yahoo Finance, Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (NASDAQ Global Select Market: CTHR), the sole manufacturer of created moissanite gemstones, The Most Brilliant Jewel in the World®, today announced that the Australian Patent Office recently determined that the Company’s Australian patent is both novel and inventive. This favourable determination stems from a request for re-examination of the Company’s Australian patent submitted by

“We are pleased but not surprised by the Australian Patent Office’s determination to uphold our Australian patent. This patent has never been challenged since its issue and the Australian patent system is designed to promote and protect innovation, which is the backbone of our company,” commented Randy N. McCullough, Chief Executive Officer of Charles & Colvard, Ltd. "This re-exam request, we believe, was the result of a threat by's owner against Charles & Colvard to attack our patents if we did not agree to supply moissanite directly to him. We chose not to partner with because we believe the process it uses to alter the color of our gemstones in the long term would lessen the durability and value of moissanite in the marketplace. Charles & Colvard is committed to providing quality moissanite that lasts for generations to discriminating customers and is launching in June our newest brand of whiter and brighter moissanite, Forever Brilliant®, which is certified, laser inscribed, and guaranteed from the source.”
Charles & Colvard is confident in the strength of its entire intellectual property portfolio and is committed to vigorously defending, maintaining, and strengthening the patents that protect its moissanite gemstones and technology.

In addition, Charles & Colvard has an exclusive supply agreement with Cree, Inc. well into 2015 for the supply of gem-quality silicon carbide that is required to fashion moissanite gemstones.

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