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Catching up with our Moi Moi Mademoiselle

Date Added: 18/07/2012
  Black Milk Clothing Shoot, photography by Samantha Nichols
We were delighted to catch up with Marijana recently, our very own Moi Moi Mademoiselle. We wanted to see what she had been up to since winning the lucrative modelling contract from Chadwick Models along with the Moi Moi title.

We still remember Marijana’s first modelling assignment with us after her win as Moi Moi Mademoiselle. The shoot did start off a little bumpy as it was Marijana’s very first shoot. However, it didn’t take long for her to step up to the plate as she did possess the poise and confidence of an aspiring model and it was these qualities we recognised that won her the coveted title and contract. Anyway, the results from the shoot spoke for itself as we had the perfect shots for the True Colours Collection campaign.

Since then, Marijana has been exposed to more modelling assignments and shoots and tells us how they’ve gone:

Marijana: “The first shoot I did after the Moi Moi one, I felt a little nervous but as the shoots went on, I have gained more & more experience, I am a lot more confident with my poses & also just the way I am feeling about myself in general. It can be a little daunting walking into Castings will a whole lot of other models in the same room, but I have learnt that in this industry, you just need to be very brave, confident, know how to handle rejection & not compare yourself to anyone, as everyone is unique in their own way. I am having so much fun shooting with different photographers, stylists & makeup artists. All shoots have different concepts, so it is great to put yourself in a position where one day you might have to look very 'grungy/punk' the next shoot may be very 'glamorous/classy'... & even doing some things out of your comfort zone, which is a great learning experience. I am so thankful to Moi Moi & the competition as it has brought me to a point where I always wanted to be in life, & that is modelling. I am very excited for what the future holds.”

Poised with her beauty and armed her with intelligence, we are certain that Marijana will go far in her future undertakings.

We hope to catch up with Marijana again and wish her every success!!
'Beauty' Shoot
'Beauty' Shoot

Blue Lama Fur/Leather Vest, photography by Olivia Nauomov
'Beauty' Shoots