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Blue Topaz

Date Added: 12/11/2011
 The Moi Moi Mademoiselle modelling some of our
Blue Topaz Collection
 Blue topaz ring from our
True Colours Collection
Blue topaz pendant from our True Colours Collection 

The next coloured gemstone from our True Colours Collection that we'd like you to know more of is blue topaz.

Topaz, and especially blue topaz, has grown in popularity over the years.

The "pure" topaz colour is yellow, and was often confused with chrysolite, the yellow variety of peridot. However, the use of distinct colours has helped topaz come into its own.

Blue topaz in particular is popular in jewellery today. It has a watery blue similar to aquamarine, but often without the green overtones, and its hardness and good clarity make it an excellent gem. The blue colour is often enhanced through heat-treatment and irradiation.

Topaz is a very hard gemstone with a Mohs hardness rating of 8, but it can be split with a single blow: a trait it shares with diamond. As a result it should be protected from hard knocks. Clean with mild dish soap: use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust can be collected.

If your birthday is in December, you may wish to buy some jewellery featuring topaz, because it's your birthstone! View the full True Colours Collection online.