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Band or No Band for the Royal Couple?

Date Added: 27/04/2011
 Kate and Prince William's engagement  Princess Diana and Prince Charles
 Princess Diana's Wedding Band

With the Royal Wedding only 3 days away, it seems there is royal fever everywhere.

The wedding will be watched by millions all over the world, culminating with the exchange of vows and exchange of the wedding rings and then followed with the Royal Kiss.

What will be the design of the wedding band be to match such a stunning engagement ring or will there be no wedding band at all?

There are a few options of wedding band design to match an engagement ring like Kate's:

1. A plain straight-edged band. This is the most popular. This would be a nice choice because it accentuates the engagement ring even though there will be a gap between the band and the ring.

2. A jigsaw-cut custom band so the shape of the band follows the shape of the engagement ring. This would ensure the band sits flush next to the ring. Due to the size of the engagement ring, this would not be the best choice, because the jigsaw-cut design will be far too big to look elegant.

3. No wedding band at all. This is acceptable and a fine choice. Statement pieces like this engagement ring really doesn't need a wedding band as it can detract from the look of the main ring. Some women choose to consider their engagement ring and wedding band as one big ring.

If Kate Middleton follows royal tradition then her choice will be Item #1, a thin yellow gold band made from rare Welsh gold - same as Princess Diana's.

Royal wedding rings have used gold mined from the Welsh mountains from the same nuggets for years.

Pairing yellow gold with Platinum (or white gold), is common. It often relates to tradition and sentimentality (as in the Royal wedding).

Our guess is Item #1, there will be a straight-edged band made from the Royal gold. As future Queen, Kate will probably want to follow tradition. As for Prince William, what ring, IF ANY, would he choose?

We will be watching…