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Asscher Cuts in Moissanite

Date Added: 20/09/2016

We are very excited to read about Pippa Middleton’s engagement and more so, we can’t help taking our eyes off her beautiful Asscher cut engagement ring. 


Unlike most cuts that describe the physical shape of the stone, like Round Brilliant, Cushion, Oval or Square (Princess cut), Asscher cut gained its name by Joseph Asscher, the most prodigious diamond expert in mid-19th century. The Asscher cut is a step cut and is more than just a square emerald cut- it was designed to improve the brilliance and fire of emerald cuts. 

The unique faceted step cuts gives it a vintage and art deco look to a ring. It also creates a mesmerizing almost bottomless captivating effect without compromising the sparkles that we all love in a fine gem. 

MoiMoi’s Supernova Asscher cut has 46 facets and comes in a wide-ranging sizes from 5.5mm (1.04 ct diamond equivalent) to 10.0mm (5.30 ct diamond equivalent).  We can also custom-cut on request for larger sizes. 


Please contact us to view this magnificent Moissanite cut.