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Aggie finds Jewellery Trends in Japan

Date Added: 2/03/2012
 Aggie in Japan
 Yellow gold stacked rings
 Pink Gold rings

Fashion in Japan is known worldwide for setting the trends of cutting edge styles.

It was my first time to visit Tokyo with hot spots like Shibuya and Harajuku (famous for their lively Japanese street fashion culture) being top on my "must go" list.

Once I arrived in Tokyo not only did I see buildings with neon lights everywhere, the streets were literally packed with the most stylish fashionista!

It is a place to spot new styles, so I popped on my trendspotter glasses to check out the latest jewellery trends in Japan.

Here are my findings to share with you:

Yellow gold and pink/rose gold are in vogue!
Whether it's plain, colourless stones or colored stones you will find many, well actually almost all of them set in yellow and rose gold. Many jewellery and accessory stores I went into have got a big selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in yellow and rose gold. However having said that, white gold is still dominating in engagement rings and wedding bands in Japan.

Another hot trend is layering and stacking. Necklaces are layered with one shorter chain with a small pendant along with a longer chain underneath it. Rings and bangles are mixed and stacked together creating interesting style and texture. I was browsing around Lion Heart Jewellery and was able to take a snap shot of the sales assistance's rings. Our Miabelle range is so artistically made, perfect for stacking to show off a lot of vivid colours!

Valentine's Day has just passed and "White Day" is approaching. I learnt that "White Day" is when males purchase gifts for females in return for the gifts they received on Valentine's Day. Now that is interesting!

Every department store has got their "White Day" promotion signs up. In the jewellery section many of those signs have got Pink Sapphire jewellery being featured, especially on rings. Pink diamonds are so rare and expensive that jewellers in Japan used pink sapphires as an affordable alternative. Lucky for us we have created pink diamonds and enhanced pink diamonds, both being great alternatives.

Now it's my turn to go shopping!

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Aggie xx