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A gift for Grace

Date Added: 23/02/2012
 The adorable Grace - 5 years old  Custom made "Grace" brooch

How adorable is Grace?

She is the great granddaughter of Warren and Karen - a lovely couple who have been great customers of ours over the years.

Recently Warren and Karen came into our store looking for a very special keepsake gift for Grace, something sentimental to both of them but also something Grace could treasure for years to come.

The end product being a beautiful 9K Gold nameplate brooch which spelt "Grace." To add a bit of Karen and Warren to the mix, Karen wanted us to set one of her original diamonds from her engagement ring into the brooch, so no matter where life takes Grace, she will always be able to hold a piece of her great grandparents with her.

The brooch was designed with the option to add loops at a later date, and convert it into a necklace when Grace grows older.

Such a lovely and thoughtful gift for Grace from such awesome great grandparents!