What Makes LAVANA Diamonds Special


Your search for a high-quality lab grown diamond at the right price ends here. You will save time and have fun selecting your perfect diamond.

You will get the best lab-grown diamonds that are available, as we have curated the best for you. We find them, buy them, stock them. You can view them in our store or in the comfort of your home for immediate delivery.

Our diamonds are cut to achieve the best light performance. Only the best will qualify for Lavana diamonds.

All Lavana premium lab-grown diamonds are:

  1. Perfectly cut to attain the Triple Ex rating – Excellent (Ideal) in Cut, Excellent in Polish and Excellent in Symmetry; or
  2. A Hearts and Arrows Cut, to create exactly eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows.

to bring out the breathtaking light performance in a diamond.

The result is a brilliant diamond that has vivid fire and lively (sparkling) scintillation.


Let us show you the beauty of lab-grown diamonds from Lavana.  Our expert team are here to guide you and have fun along the way!

LAVANA Difference

All Lavana lab-grown diamonds of over 0.5 carat are graded as TRIPLE EX or HEARTS & ARROWS.

Triple Ex Rating

In a diamond grading report, apart from the 4 Cs of Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity, there are some very important information that jewellery experts look for: these are Cut, Symmetry and Polish.

The cut, symmetry and polish ratings are important because these are the factors that affect the light performance and therefore the beauty of your diamond. Each of these ratings are graded as:

  • Fair
  • good,
  • very good, and
  • excellent

When all the ratings are classified as excellent, we call this Triple Ex diamond. Triple Ex diamonds are coveted by jewellery experts.

All round LAVANA premium lab-grown diamonds proudly have a Triple Ex rating:

  • Excellent cut
  • Excellent polish
  • Excellent symmetry

The Cut

You are attracted to a diamond because of its sparkle. The sparkle and the beauty come from the brilliance and fire. An excellent cut diamond gives the diamond maximum brilliance and fire.

The Symmetry

An excellent symmetrical diamond has all the facets perfectly aligned, so it will capture the light and return maximum light back to the viewer.

The Polish

An excellent polished diamond is free from microscopic defects and scratches, giving you maximum shine and sparkle.

Triple EX

When all the attributes of cut, symmetry and polish are graded as excellent you will have an excellent diamond that has brilliance, fire and scintillation more than 90% of all diamonds in the market. You should not accept anything less if you want to wear a ring that matters.


Hearts an Arrows are classified as the ultimate cut in round diamonds. The light performance of a Hearts and Arrows cut is breathtaking.

Each of the 58 facets is cut in perfect proportions, revealing 8 perfect hearts (top view) and 8 perfect arrows (bottom view) within the diamond.

Hearts and Arrows diamonds have a premium value over other ordinary diamonds simply because they have better light performance. It takes longer to cut and takes more diamond rough weight to achieve this remarkable light performance, making them more expensive.

However, with Lavana you’re in luck! You will not pay a price premium on our hearts and arrows diamonds. You will get tremendous savings with Lavana Hearts and Arrows lab-grown diamonds. Learn more about how you benefit from the Lavana difference.



  • All Lavana Lab-grown diamonds are premium cut, graded as either Triple Ex or Hearts and Arrows to give you the breathtaking light performance.
  • All Lavana Lab-grown diamonds from 0.50 carat are certified to give you peace of mind.
  • All Lavana Lab-grown diamonds are premium colour and clarity, graded as G, Si or better.


  • You will receive expert friendly advice from us to achieve your jewellery needs, so you will feel confident with your purchase.
  • You can view your diamond in our Sydney store or in your own home with our Hearts & Arrows scope. It’s free and we’ll even pay freight both ways.
  • You will enjoy the buying experience, you will have fun and know you’ve made a smart purchase – we are jewellery lovers but we are not diamond snobs.


  • You will enjoy huge saving. Typically, you will save 60- 75% buying a lab-grown diamond over a mined diamond.
  • You will enjoy value pricing against all other lab-grown diamonds. In the very unlikely event that you find a cheaper lab-grown diamond of the same quality, we will price match.
  • You will own a bigger lab-grown diamond on the same budget as a mined diamond. This is a bonus you can enjoy forever.