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Illustrious Partnership

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The coming of age at the recent Perth Fashion Week saw fashion designer Betty Tran and Moi Moi jewellery owner and operator Aggie Hong join forces to present a runway show worth its weight in Moissanite. 
After working so closely together (literally side-by-side) in Carillon City they cemented a friendship where the women combined forces to achieve their dreams. 

Moi Moi's collection signature jewel is Moissanite, which has more lustre and brilliance than any other jewel and outshines diamonds in both brilliance and price. Moissanite is not a diamond immatation, fake diamond or synthetic diamond, tather Moissanite is a jewel in it's own right. 

All Moi Moi's jewellery is hand-made cocktailm wedding, enamel and bright coloured jewellery, complementing Tran's collection to stylish completion. 

Betty sugar clothing was originally launched in 2006 and changed rapidly, with head designer Tran at the helm and launching its own labelspecialising in cocktail, evening and ready-to-wear fashion focus on finish and silhouette.

Inspired by strength, passion and love embodied in the modern woman, Tran's motivation is to create timeless, functional, versatile and quality pieces that empower women to look and feel great. 

An appreciation for comfort is also reflected thrugh her choice of natural fabrics, with the likes of silk, hand embellishments and unique garment construction.

"There is something about a lady who wears a silk dress that I find mysterious. It is that combination of luxury, elegance and sex appeal" she said.