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Backstage Betty Tran Runway Show

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Perth Fashion Week was the launch of Betty's self named label, Betty Tran and she definitely made a statement with her runway show. I was fortunate enough to be helping Betty style and prepare for the runway show which means I was in a position to intimately view each and every piece of her ready to wear collection and her formal gown collection.

Firstly, Betty's ready to wear collection was created using bold statement colours like red, green and blue. From jackets, to pants, to blouses, to dresses, each piece had been carefully tailored to compliment other pieces in her collection. What I loved about Betty's collection is that each bright coloured piece could be styled with another coloured piece without the outfit clashing. Or, as the opening look shows, we were able to use the neutral pieces in Betty's collection to style an outfit for those who are more reserved with the colour choices in their wardrobe.

Each look for the runway was carefully teamed with Betty Tran accessories, including leather belts with metal hardware and leather handbags.

Betty's formal gown collection was absolutely divine. She has definitely created a line of gowns that not only accommodate a range of ages but also a range of body shapes and sizes. Again, there was strong use of colour with red, green and blue being the feature colours but there was also some gowns that were more neutral. Betty completed her formal looks with jewels from a WA Jewellery Label. Moi Moi Fine Jewellery Perth is owned and directed by the gorgeous Aggie Hong. Located in the Carillion City Arcade, Moi Moi is the store to visit when you need jewellery to complement any formal look. Their signature jewel is Moissanite and they also carry blue and pink diamonds, sapphires, ruby's, amethysts and emeralds. All of these jewels are unmined, however they still hold the exact same qualities as mined jewels, just at small portion of the cost. Each piece of jewellery is absolutely striking and definitely completed and complimented the formal looks of Betty's runway gowns. Each gown as striking as each other, Betty definitely impressed her audience when she sent three sequined gowns in red, emerald green and silver down the runway.